Wednesday 19 October 2022

Helping your child become more environmentally conscious

Teaching your child to take responsibility for how they treat the world around them is an important duty of every parent. As children ourselves, we grew up learning about the ozone layer and the threat of what global warming could do to our planet. Now as parents, we are finding ourselves teaching our children the same thing but from a completely different perspective. We are teaching them how to be aware of the different environmental issues that we are facing and the war on plastic and how to be greener. Helping children understand the world of nature not only helps the environment but themselves too. Nowadays, with high expectations when it comes to academics as well as life itself, mental health issues are on the increase. Being in nature is known to help people feel more positive which is why parents are encouraged to teach their children more about it. Here's some advice on how to help your child become more environmentally conscious.

The most important thing to do to ensure your child becomes environmentally conscious is to make them spend time outdoors. With technology on the rise children are always spending most of their time with screens in their face, which has little benefit to them. Try and replicate some of the activities you did as a child such as rock pooling or Nature walks. Allow your child to be led by their curiosity.

Look after your local environment together. Take your child and a group of their friends to pick up litter in your local area on a regular basis. You can even make this into a learning activity by asking the children to keep count of the type of rubbish they collect.

At first, it may seem small to your child doing these little acts of kindness to the environment, in time your child will be helping to look after the planet and will understand the difference that their kindness has made to the environment that they live in.

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