Tuesday 18 October 2022

How to help your child expand their vocabulary

Helping a child expand their vocabulary is more than just teaching them a few extra words. Developing a wide vocabulary is actually fundamentally important for children. The extent of a child's vocabulary by the start of school can be a great predictor on how well their educational outcome is. It also helps boost social skills and confidence from childhood into adulthood. Alongside traditional education, the input you put in as a parent to expand your child’s vocabulary is crucial, as up to 95% of words your child learns comes from you. The good news is that it is easy to integrate vocabulary development into your child's everyday life through routine such as reading, talking and playing. Here are some top tips on how to help your child expand their vocabulary.

Help your child bring new words to life. If your child learns a new noun or adjective, how many things that can be done to enhance their understanding of the new word. If it's a noun, you can find pictures of it online or in a book whereas if it is an adjective, you can describe it to your child through facial expressions and emotions. Teaching a child about verbs can be the most exciting as you can prowl around the house or skip to the shops.

Any new words that your child picks up, help them visualise it on a piece of paper. This could be writing out the word so they can see it in front of them or drawing a picture that represents the new word.

Encourage your child to question and query any new words that they come across. Whether they're wanting to find out the meaning or look it up in a dictionary, make sure that they feel confident enough to come to you to ask these questions. Take time to explain it enthusiastically and don't forget to show interest too. 

Through these simple day-to-day tasks, your child will be on the right route to expanding their vocabulary.

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