Thursday 24 November 2022

The Modern Look with Vinyl

More minimalistic and cooler designs in the house have been a strong urge for many years and only continue to grow as people choose to spend more time mixing work and family life at home.

Interior designers focus on style when it comes to identifying a modern living space. Here are a few focus suggestions for your home that are high on the popular scale.


Everybody who aims for modern is warned of the same thing - it is always advised to keep it light and fresh.

The most important move in creating a modern look is keeping the colour neutral. This helps to make the space look bigger and presents a great atmosphere. There is the opportunity to add other colours to a neutral scheme via accessories and other items. Character is key to providing a unique look that will last through the years.

You can also employ darker colour schemes to present a contemporary feel, with accent walls using bolder colours to add a bit of dimension.

Furniture Style

The furniture you situate within the space plays a significant role in the overall energy of the room.

By complementing your modern desires with furniture that provides simplistic touches, you see a startling transformation to the space. Bulky furniture is passe by today's standards, with people opting for kitchen islands with high chair seating instead of tables with chairs. 

By employing minimalist pieces when it comes to furniture you find the perfect compliment to the surrounding design.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

People tend to shy away from laminate flooring and aim for a wooden or stone approach to their kitchens and living rooms.

The highly recommended area from interior design specialists is that Distinctive flooring not only provides the same look as natural hardwood or stone but at a fraction of the price and provides more stability and protection.

As your tastes may change, you will require a floor that can withstand long passages of time and remain fully functional, durable and practical. Thanks to decades of research, luxury vinyl flooring provide an authentic look whilst fully protecting against scratches, stains and moisture like no other flooring can. It’s also a very easy product to self-install if you wish, saving a pretty penny when needed most.

If you are wanting a modern look through colour schemes, spacious furniture and effective flooring, you can have everything last much longer through bold choices and Distinctive vinyl flooring – An option such as grey oak flooring.

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