Saturday 19 November 2022

Top Tips for Teaching Your Child About Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene should be taught from a very young age. It will guide your child through the things they will need to do to maintain healthy teeth, gums, and keeping germs at bay. We can never keep everything away from children, especially when many germs are found in schools or nurseries, but we can teach our kids how to remain clean and healthy. Here are some top tips.

Sing together while brushing your teeth

Getting your child into that routine of cleaning their teeth twice a day can feel difficult, but over time your child will get used to it. Thankfully there are now songs you can sing that last around 2 minutes to get your child into the spirit of happily brushing their teeth. It will also help your child get used to the amount of time they need to spend cleaning their teeth in the morning and before they head to sleep.

Show your child how to properly wash their hands

Washing hands is going to be the most important thing your child should be doing each day. Your child should be washing their hands after going to the toilet, before eating food, or before helping you cook, as well as other situations where their hands get dirty. There’s never too many times your child can wash their hands, so encourage them to keep them clean throughout the day. Offer a reward if they keep it up throughout the day.

Make bath time fun

When your child’s a toddler they’re going to be spending a lot of time being cleaned from the bath. This private nursery London recommends using the bathtub as a sensory bin to let children feel lots of different textures. Soap and water can feel different to young ones at first, so use this time to look into how your child enjoys playing and keeping themselves clean at the same time.

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