Tuesday 13 December 2022

Teaching Your Child to Use Social Media Responsibly

There are many benefits to social media. It allows us to keep up with current trends and connect with our friends and family. However, social media can also be quite a dangerous place, especially for young people who are na├»ve to the dangers. It’s important for parents to teach their children to use social media responsibly so that they stay out of harm’s way. Here is some advice from an alternative school in London.

Talk About Social Media

The best place to start is to have open conversations with your child about social media. Explain to them that lots of people, especially celebrities and influencers, heavily edit their photos and only share the best bits of their lives. It can be difficult, even for adults, not to compare themselves and their lives to those they see on social media, so it’s important that your child understands that not everything is as it seems online. 

Discuss the Dangers

If your child is old enough to use social media, then they should be old enough to understand the dangers. Explain to them that sometimes people pretend to be someone they’re not online so that they can groom or scam vulnerable people. Make sure they know that they should never give away personal information or meet up with someone that they don’t know in the real world. 

Set Some Rules

Social media (and digital devices in general) can be very addictive, so be sure to set some rules surrounding screen time and how long your child is allowed to use their phone during their free time. Make sure they’re aware of their priorities, such as homework and chores, as these are more important than endless scrolling on TikTok. Your child should also know that they can come to you at any time to discuss things they’ve seen online, such as instances of cyberbullying or other serious issues. 

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