Thursday 5 January 2023

How to Encourage Your Child to Exercise

Keeping fit and healthy comes from exercising on a regular basis. If your child isn’t exercising that often, they can cause potential health risks in the future like weight gain or muscle loss. To help keep your child motivated to exercise each week, here are some tips from this boarding school in Dublin.

Make things fun 

Fun is always going to motivate a child, no matter their age. It’s a lot more memorable for children to try out new things if they know it’s going to be fun and engaging, so use that to your advantage. There’s a lot of ways to make exercise really exhilarating for your child, like playing together in teams, or going to different extracurricular groups to explore what sports your child could pick up.

Show the benefits of exercise

Children go through a lot of different emotions and feelings, as well as physical reactions and pain. Exercise is a great relief for children for a number of reasons - they’re improving their muscle support and bone strength. They’re getting to use tactics to improve their fitness levels, and it will help build a healthy heart.

Exercise also helps with mental health, navigating stress and to raise endorphins and serotonin. These are all great for making people of any age feel happier and more motivated to do their best. If you show your child all of these benefits they may feel a lot more inclined to pick it up on a regular basis.

Exercise with your child

If you work together to exercise at the same time then your child is more likely to follow you and what you’re doing. A child is a lot more likely to follow what their parents are doing and it gives you the opportunity to learn about what your child does enjoy and what things they’re not as keen to pursue.

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