Thursday 2 March 2023

8 Ways To Fight Frequent Hot Flashes

Menopause is a time during a woman’s life when she stops experiencing her menstrual periods. Common symptoms during this significant milestone include hot flashes and increased sweating at night. Research reveals that a lack of estrogen hampers the body’s ability to maintain optimal temperature. 

Even though hot flashes occur mainly in women, it is not uncommon for trans women to experience similar symptoms since their hormones fluctuate. If you have ever experienced hot flashes, you can confirm how uncomfortable the experience is.

Keep reading this article to learn effective ways to fight frequent hot flashes. 

Consume a balanced diet 

Your dietary choices have significant effects on your body. A balanced diet consisting of fruits. Vegetables, whole grains, and unprocessed food reduce your chances of experiencing severe hot flashes during menopause. Eating healthy also helps your body manage other symptoms of menopause. 

On the other hand, too much caffeine, added sugars, highly processed foods, and unhealthy fats could worsen the symptoms and make life unbearable. 

Dress in layers 

Imagine a scenario where you wore a turtleneck to work that you couldn’t take off during the onset of a hot flash. A better alternative would be to dress in layers that you can shed one by one when you start to feel hot. For instance, you could wear a light cotton blouse, add a cardigan on top, and complete the look with a scarf. 

Buy a handheld fan 

Sometimes shedding layers of clothing might not seem helpful, and you still feel pretty hot. You can still feel your body protesting even after cracking open a window on the bus or at your office. We advise you to buy a handheld fan and keep it in your purse. 

The rapid motion from the fan will provide instant cooling and relief from the hot flash. It would also help to get a standing fan that you can place in your office or workstation at home to cool you off whenever necessary. 

Consider hormone replacement therapy 

During menopause, your hormone levels start to fluctuate and decline steadily. Reduced estrogen levels stimulate your glands to release other hormones that interfere with the body’s natural thermostat, leading to hot flashes. To combat this discomfort and reduce the severity of hot flashes during the day and night, you could go for testosterone replacement treatment from a qualified physician. The healthcare provider will conduct some tests and develop a personalized treatment to cater to your unique needs. 

Manage your weight 

Studies reveal that women who are overweight have a high chance of experiencing frequent and severe hot flashes during the day and at night. An excellent way to fight hot flashes and experience relief would be to shed a few pounds. In addition to improving the symptoms of menopause, you might also feel more confident in your skin. 

Carry cool water all the time

Cool water in a bottle is an excellent solution to hot flashes, especially on a hot day. You could splash water on your face or dab it on your wrists to reduce your body temperature. Alternatively, you could take frequent sips from your water bottle whenever you start feeling hot to help your body regulate its temperature. A pro tip would be to invest in a bottle that maintains the cool temperature of the water, so it stays that way all day. 

Quit smoking 

According to research done by PubMed Central, respondents who smoked were more likely to experience severe hot flashes by the time they hit menopause. Those who didn’t smoke had lower chances of being plagued by hot flashes. Non-smokers also reported having less severe hot flashes that were somewhat manageable. Therefore, it would be wise to quit smoking or reduce the frequency. 

Try herbal supplements 

From time immemorial, people have used herbal supplements containing phytoestrogens to kick hot flashes to the curb. Though many people can confirm how much they have benefited from supplements, the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health reveals that no scientific studies can confirm these claims. Therefore, it would help to tread wisely and consult your physician before you consume any herbal and dietary supplements. 

In Conclusion 

The aging process is inevitable, and so is menopause. Many women could say that it is the end of an era. Fortunately, there are many ways to deal with the devastating symptoms that come with menopause and live a happy, fulfilling life. We hope you will consider and implement the tips we discussed in your daily life. 

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