Wednesday 29 March 2023

What Is A Fitted Wardrobe: Things To Learn Before Buying A Wardrobe

We love it when our homes are decorated nicely and make us feel cozy and relaxed. However, many face the problem of limited spacing, which leads to more mess in a room. However, some solutions let us optimize available space while making our homes more comfortable. One such solution is a fitted wardrobe. 

What Are Fitted Wardrobes?

As one might have assumed from the name of the furniture item, it's a custom-built wardrobe made to fit properly into the available space in the room. Fitted wardrobes are built into the walls and cannot be readily removed or altered. They are the opposite of freestanding wardrobes that come in standard sizes and can be moved to any area.

Fitted wardrobes are typically made-to-measure and can be customized to match any space or room. They can be designed to accommodate tight alcoves, low ceilings, or sloping walls. Thus, such a solution is an excellent choice for spaces with limited room or unusual designs.

Customers can order fitted wardrobes made of numerous materials, including hardwood, MDF, laminate, etc. They can be finished with various door types, like sliding, hinged, or mixed doors.

Overall, fitted wardrobes provide a stylish and functional storage option that can help you maximize space in any room. That's why many choose this option instead of settling for standard solutions. 

Pros And Cons Of Fitted Wardrobes

Based on the description of fitted wardrobes, one may assume they get only benefits. This solution indeed has numerous benefits. Still, there are some drawbacks to this solution. Let's start with the pros:

  • Functionality. You may receive a solution that suits your specific needs, for instance, to increase storage and make it easier to arrange your possessions. The wardrobe may consist of hanging space, drawers, and other features that suit you perfectly.

  • Customization. Fitted wardrobes are custom-made to match the measured space. Such a solution allows you to maximize storage and maximize every available inch.

  • Durability. Fitted wardrobes are meant to last and can be created of high-quality materials. For instance, people choose hardwood or MDF rather than plastic and other cheap solutions.

  • Style. Fitted wardrobes are designed to match the style of a specific room.

  • Value. Fitted wardrobes are built to last, increasing your house's value if you decide to sell it in the future. 

As for the cons of fitted wardrobes, they are as follows:

  • Lack of mobility. It may be impossible if you decide to move the wardrobe. 

  • Cost. A standard solution is often cheaper since it's made to fit all sizes and rooms. Thus, a fitted furniture item is more expensive.

  • Waiting time. It takes time to design and produce a fitted furniture item.

  • Installation. Typically, installation goes into the cost of the item, but some companies may charge extra.

To sum up, a fitted wardrobe perfectly fits a specific home or room. This item enables you to use every inch of available space, and the room overall looks wholesome and stylish with such a furniture item. However, it's a more expensive option. Moreover, it's vital to consider the room design before ordering a fitted wardrobe since you won't be able to move the wardrobe due to the lack of mobility. 

Why It's Worth Getting Fitted Wardrobes?

A fitted wardrobe is perfect for homes with unique design features (such as alcoves) and limited space. A fitted wardrobe is ideal because it lets you use all available space while making the room look put together. Typically, fitted wardrobes are made from the floor to the ceiling, so it looks like part of the wall, perfectly fitting into the design.

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