Tuesday 4 April 2023

Sustainable online shopping - eco conscious sites I love for greener online shopping


As online shopping has flourished in recent years and is now intertwined in most people’s daily lives, it is more important than ever to be eco conscious about the sites that we spend our money with as we shop from the comfort of our couch.

Shopping at sites that are eco conscious and champion environmentally friendly products and packaging blends sustainability with convenience. 

Take a look below at some of my favourite online shops that are eco conscious and are super sustainable sites.


Inspired by Nature, Made From Nature - tentree is rooted in the belief that we have a responsibility to protect and preserve the world we live in. With that in mind they are passionate about sustainable products and giving back to nature with their tentree promise. 

tentree makes and sells sustainable clothing and accessories for women, men and kids, that are made with sustainable materials that are kind to the planet and made to last whilst offering comfort and style that conjure the beauty of nature. 

For every product purchased they plant 10 trees. Aiming to drastically reduce climate change, they have a vision to plant 1 billion trees by 2030. So far they have planted over 30 million trees and restored land in over 8 countries. They partner with charitable organizations across the world to plant trees and rehabilitate natural ecosystems.

Their earth first apparel is made from sustainable materials. The environmentally conscious materials are kinder to the planet and feel great to wear. Their products are also ethically manufactured.

Country Mouse

Country Mouse is a quintessential and charming British company that sells luxury wool throws, knitwear and accessories. As seen in Vanity Fair and House Beautiful, Country Mouse specialises in natural fibres. 

With the decision to stock natural fibres at the heart of Country Mouse, their high quality yarn and woollen items are sustainable. Not only are natural fibres sustainable and good for the environment, they look good, wear well and are highly breathable.

Country Mouse works closely with carefully selected mills and factories including  OEKO-TEX® certified factories, Country Mouse knows and understands the story behind their products.

If you are looking for high-quality wool products and knitwear that are lovely, stylish and made to a high standard, whether that’s a wool throw, merino wool throw, alpaca socks or luxury wool socks, look no further than Country Mouse.

Daisy London

Daisy London creates gorgeous jewellery that elevates your everyday style, modern heirlooms that are made to last and that you will love for years. 

Daisy London Jewellery blends meaning, style, quality and sustainably. They ethically craft their jewellery with love and thought, sharing beautiful pieces from their jewellery box to yours.

Without compromising on style or quality, they successfully strive to create sustainably crafted jewellery in 100% recycled sterling silver and 18ct gold plate.

Responsibly sourced and ethically crafted, all of their much-loved Daisy London jewellery is lovingly made in 100% recycled 925 sterling silver. Their beautiful collection of silver jewellery includes bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. In addition all of their gemstones are ethically sourced.

Their stunning sustainable jewellery is beautifully packaged in eco packaging. Made with FSC certified materials, all of their packaging can be reused, recycled or repurposed and there is an option to choose less packaging at checkout.

Their jewellery is now greener than ever! Not only did Daisy London work hard to become Carbon Neutral, offsetting the same amount of carbon that we generate, but they took things one step further and became certified Carbon Positive in April 2022, meaning they offset three times the amount of carbon that they generate. 

Daisy also invests in projects via a Plannet Zero initiative that focus on biodiversity conservation; helping protect tropical rainforests through Maísa REDD+ Project and aiding the development of wind farms through theWind Farm Project in Karnataka, India.

But that’s not all. Daisy is also a certified 4ocean clean up partner. For every item purchased, Daisy x 4ocean will remove 90g of plastic, equivalent to 10 small plastic bottles, from our planet's oceans.

Satisfyingly Daisy also has The Daisy Chain - a fully traceable supply chain. All of their suppliers have signed their Ethical and Sustainability policy ensuring the welfare of all staff. Their important Daisy Chain sees them proudly working with craftspeople, suppliers and Responsible Jewellery Council certified factories as well as couriers, production and packers; all of whom are valued links in their Daisy Chain.

Copenhagen Candles

The Home of Hygge Scents, The Copenhagen Company is a family run business who specialise in luxury home fragrance since 1999. Inspired by Founder Bo’s Danish roots and passion for fine fragrance, their collection includes an array of room sprays, diffusers and candles in a variety of sizes that embrace scents from around the world. 

They curate, design and manufacture each product in their own factory by people who care and are proud to be vegan and cruelty free, affordable without compromising on quality, ethical and sustainable, and authentic Hygge.

They work ethically and sustainably across everything they do, from their solar powered factory to using recyclable products wherever possible. They care deeply about the environment and are completely committed to this in the way they design, create and share their  products. As they are passionate about doing good, they pledge to continue to work towards their goal of becoming carbon neutral. For this reason, we pledge to you, our valued customer, that we will continue to work towards our goal of becoming carbon neutral.

Their lovely products that take customers on a sensory discovery, such as their fragrant candles are made using natural products including a natural wax blend and cotton wick, which are beautifully packaged in recyclable packaging. 

Oxford distillery

The Oxford Artisan Distillery is Oxford’s first craft distillery and one of the World’s very few true craft distilleries. 

At the very heart of their spirits is the seed they plant. They are the only distillery using diverse populations of ancient heritage grains – rye, wheat and barley that are adapted to their local growing conditions - to produce their full range of spirits including whisky, gin and vodka.

Their ethos is to do small things to make the world a better place. From the ancient heritage grains grown exclusively for them within 50 miles of Oxford to their magnificent handmade custom stills, they care for the world as they proudly make their one-of-a-kind spirits. 

The Oxford Artisan Distillery are the only distiller in the world to use these populations of ancient heritage grains; painstakingly sourced, revived and bulked up over many years and grown sustainably in methods last used in the 1800s by local organic and regenerative farms on over 300 acres of English countryside. As a result their spirits have a flavour that cannot be achieved from commercial grain; a signature maltiness with caramel undertones that wins us our rave reviews. And their ancient farming and heritage grain encourages biodiversity and sustains the agro-ecosystem – from microorganisms in the soil, to an abundance of wildflowers to insects buzzing and birds flying above.


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