Monday 24 April 2023

Planning a 2023 Wedding


Over the past few years there has been a lot of uncertainty and heartbreak for couples wanting to say ‘I do’.


Many dream weddings and hopes to wed the one we love were shattered by Covid-19 and the pandemic. Thankfully now weddings are back in full swing and couples can showcase their love for one another with confidence. 

Whether you want to wed your beloved in a small or big ceremony, here are a few tips for planning a wedding.

Capture the big day forever

Taking photographs and videos of the wedding is a long-standing tradition that allows couples to capture the special moments and memories of the day that they vowed their love for one another. 

Hiring a photographer to capture all the moments of the big day is a lovely way to get high quality photographs of your day. To remember all the little moments of the day from getting ready to the ceremony to the last dance, it is a great idea to hire a relaxed professional wedding photographer to document the day as it unfolds, capturing both staged and natural photographs. 

Another great way to get photos of your special day is to use Wedding Photo Swap. The beauty of this innovative wedding photo and video app is that you can collect and share photos and videos taken by guests at your wedding. This great app is a wonderful way to get special photos of you and the ones you love celebrating your wedding day.

Say ‘I do’ outdoors 

With changes in wedding venue laws meaning outdoor weddings in approved premises are now legal and no longer have to be indoors or within a partially enclosed structure, outdoor weddings are a wedding trend. 

The beauty of this permanent change in law means that you can have more freedom in choosing where to have your ceremony and you can celebrate your love in the beautiful, great outdoors. With that in mind it is worth looking at unique, outdoor weddings for your special day.

Mismatched bridesmaids dresses

An increasingly popular trend is mismatched bridesmaids dresses. Weddings can either embrace different design dresses in the same colourway, the same dress in different colourways whether it is completely different colours or dresses in different shades of the same colour spectrum, or even different styles dresses all in different colours. 

Being flexible and choosing mismatched bridesmaids dresses means that your bridesmaids will feel confident and happy in a dress that suits their style and body. For inspiration and to help you consider different style dresses and colour palettes check out Prom Dress Finder.

Popular and 2023 trends of colour palettes for bridesmaids are burnt orange, terracotta and jewel toned. 

Terrific trends

Trend inspo

It is important that you choose a theme and style of wedding that suits you and your beloved as the special day should be a day you love and will cherish forever.

For inspiration, it can be worthwhile to check out wedding trends. 2023 wedding trends include retro cakes, weekday weddings (top tip a weekday wedding can also be a lot cheaper too), statement florals, 1980’s glamour with oversized bows and pearl detailing, statement aisles with a theme, custom dance floors, and colourful wedding dresses. 

Sustainable wedding

Sustainability and how we do our bit for the planet has extended to weddings. Sustainable weddings are a trend that is not only increasing in popularity but also important too. 

Whether you go for a full out eco wedding or select just a few sustainable elements as part of your big day, having a sustainable wedding shows you love the world as you wed the one you love.

Ways to embrace sustainable and eco-friendly choices include supporting local wedding businesses, using sustainable tableware, choosing seasonal and locally grown flowers, having a wedding menu created around seasonal and local food, and purchasing sustainably made dresses and rings. 

What plans do you have for your wedding?

Whether the date for your big day is near and you are finalising all the little details for the day or you are in the early stages of planning your wedding, I hope your wedding is a special day you can cherish forever and that your marriage is happy and healthy.

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