Thursday 26 October 2023

Different English accents and some cultural insights behind them

Whether you’re an English native speaker or not, you’ve surely met people who had interesting accents. Whenever you learn English, you’re mainly exposed to one accent so it becomes pretty hard to recognize or even understand someone who speaks the language in a different way. In this article, we’re gonna try to present some interesting English accents and go into their background. This way, the next time you’ll hear them not only will you recognize them, but you’ll also know some cultural facts.

Received Pronunciation (RP)

This accent is usually referred to as the "Queen's English" or "BBC English," and it’s that posh British accent that is used in British media or by the elites. It originated in southern England, particularly in London, and was historically associated with high social classes and education. If you’ve seen “The Crown” or other shows about the Royal Family, that’s the accent we’re talking about. 

Cultural insight: RP reflects the influence of the British monarchy and the educated classes. It's often associated with formal and aristocratic traditions, making it a symbol of British heritage. It’s not very commonly used in day to day British interactions.


Scotland’s famous for its range of accents, including the melodic Glaswegian accent, the gentle Highland one, and the lyrical Edinburgh accent. Each one of them reflects the rich history and geography of different parts of Scotland. You can check out the Scottish accent in the famous series “Outlander” to make sure you identify it next time you hear it.

Cultural insight: Scottish accents carry the cultural heritage of Scotland's clans, history, and landscapes. They also signify regional pride and a sense of identity. If you want to get closer to Scottish culture, check out some traditional Scottish gifts.


Ireland's accents are incredibly diverse, influenced by factors such as geography and historical events. The Dublin accent, for instance, differs from the ones found in rural Ireland. The Irish accent is very hard to understand usually and it takes some time to get used to, you can hear the Dublin accent in the movie “Once”, or the Northern accent in “Derry girls”.

Cultural insight: Irish accents are a testament to the island's rich history, its struggle for independence, and the brave and fiesty spirit of the Irish people. They embody a deep connection to heritage and tradition.


Australia's accents also have many regional variations, but they are more subtle than the Irish or Scottish ones. The broad, flattened vowels of the Australian accent are influenced by the country's colonial history and its unique linguistic evolution. Australian accents can be heard in “Mad Max” or in the music of “Tame Impala”.

Cultural insight: Australian accents reflect the country's landscapes, multicultural society, and laid-back lifestyle. They symbolize the "Aussie spirit" of mateship, calm vibes and relaxed atmospheres.

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