Sunday 15 October 2023




The first ever video game based on the hit animated series TRANSFORMERS: EARTHSPARK stars iconic hero Bumblebee in an all-new adventure and is available now.

Outright Games, the leading global publisher of family-friendly video games in collaboration with Hasbro, a leading toy and game company, have launched TRANSFORMERS: EARTHSPARK - EXPEDITION the first video game set in the world of the animated TV series TRANSFORMERS: EARTHSPARK.

The game tells an original story that sees iconic Autobot, Bumblebee, face a mysterious threat from his past and is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

TRANSFORMERS: EARTHSPARK EXPEDITION brings one of the most historic entertainment franchises in the world to the hands of a new generation of TRANSFORMERS fans.

On this action-packed adventure, players find Bumblebee on a mission to stop the villainous Dr. Meridian aka “Mandroid” as they freely explore three massive biomes and complete quests given to them by their new allies called the Terrans, an all-new generation of Earthborn bots created originally for the TRANSFORMERS: EARTHSPARK animated series. Along the way, Bumblebee will complete missions, unlock upgrades and discover hidden areas to explore as he encounters fan-favourite characters, including Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Skullcruncher, Nova Storm, and Skywarp.

TRANSFORMERS: EARTHSPARK - EXPEDITION launches with a number of accessibility features to facilitate independent play for multiple generations of fans. Variable difficulty options, text legibility and control setup options, alongside an assisted driving system can all be implemented for a completely customisable gameplay experience. Further enabling players to give their full focus to exploring biomes and battling enemies, directional warnings and an automatic camera have been incorporated, with prompts on screen to raise awareness of incoming threats in-game and to keep combat front and centre.

Stephanie Malham, COO of Outright Games said: “We’re incredibly excited to finally get our latest game TRANSFORMERS: EARTHSPARK - EXPEDITION, into the hands of such a loyal and dedicated fanbase. We want this to be the ultimate TRANSFORMERS experience for anyone who loves these characters and this Universe, no matter their age. We can’t wait to see what adventures our players take Bumblebee on and are deeply grateful to our friends and partners at Hasbro for helping to roll out this exciting new video game.”

TRANSFORMERS began as a toy-line in 1984 and has since brought the epic battle between the Autobots and Decepticons to film, television, comic books, innovative toys, and digital media. The TRANSFORMERS franchise is a global powerhouse and has brought together generations of fans across 10 feature films and countless video games, to become a household name around the world.

Eugene Evans, Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy and Licensing from Hasbro said: “Outright Games are experts in the family entertainment space and we’re delighted to have been able to work on this project with them. TRANSFORMERS: EARTHSPARK - Expedition is an incredibly faithful recreation of the show that many generations of TRANSFORMERS fans have grown to love over the last year. We’re incredibly excited to see fans dive in and discover everything the game has to offer!”


Fans of the show, the Transformers franchise as a whole and iconic Bumblebee will enjoy playing as the renowned Bee in this exciting new game.

The highlight of the game is playing as Bumblebee. It is great fun to adventure through the world, manoeuvring as the famous yellow Transformer in both robot and vehicle mode. Playing as Bumblebee to combat enemies and complete challenges is lots of fun. Controlling Bumblebee is responsive in both modes, he traverses the world in robot mode with ease and in vehicle mode he is swift and a joy to play as. 

The controls are easy for little gamers to get to grips with and respond well. For combat, Bumblebee has a few different abilities that are easy to do so that even young gamers can battle adversaries with ease. Our favourite control is switching between robot and vehicle mode. The action is fluid, speedy and looks fab!

Bumblebee looks brilliant and the familiarity of having an iconic character such as Bee look so good and instantly recognisable is great for young fans. The world scenery is a tad basic and when racing around as Bumblebee in car form the detailing on the scenery struggles to be focused and sharp, at times glitching. Whilst the scenery such as the rocks lack depth, detailing and crispness, other visual elements of the game such as the enemies look good. The lower quality background does not take away from the fun of the game or the overall quality, in fact it makes the star of the game - Bumblebee - stand out.

Alongside the main mission, there are side quests such as high speed races and tasks to collect glyphs and cards that share stories and lore from the Transformers universe. The addition of side tasks adds variety and longevity to the game. As players advance through the storyline, explore the world and get rewarded for combat they unlock skill upgrades, customisable options such as energy trails for Bumblebee’s vehicle mode and the ability to access previous locations where they can explore previously inaccessible areas. This provides variety and a challenge to young gamers.

TRANSFORMERS: EARTHSPARK - EXPEDITION is a fun game perfect for young gamers that love Transformers and beloved Bumblebee. 

TRANSFORMERS: EARTHSPARK - EXPEDITION releases today across Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC.


  1. Yessssss....I love transformers so much! I guess everyone does lol...I will get the game for sure, thank you so much.

  2. This looks like a great game for the younger players, especially as they do love games with their favourite characters

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  6. This sounds like such a great game. My son is into transformers and I'm sure he would really love this. It would make a great Christmas gift.

  7. Marie Cris Angeles17 October 2023 at 12:14

    My brother is a big fan of Transformer. And I'm sure he will love this game as he love playing games too.

  8. TRANSFORMERS: EARTHSPARK EXPEDITION" takes the iconic Autobot, Bumblebee, on an epic journey that's both nostalgic and exciting for a new generation of TRANSFORMERS fans. With thrilling gameplay available on multiple platforms, players will join Bumblebee in his quest to thwart the villainous Dr. Meridian, all while freely exploring expansive biomes, completing quests from the Terrans, and uncovering hidden gems. The inclusion of beloved characters like Optimus Prime and Grimlock adds an extra layer of nostalgia and fun to this action-packed adventure. It's a must-play for fans of all ages!

  9. I love Transformers! This looks like a cute & fun game, I will have to look into it more for myself and my kids.

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