Friday 10 November 2023

Sensory gifts for children

Sensory Motion Bubbler

Providing a moment of calm these lovely Sensory Motion Bubbler toys from Brainstorm Ltd are a wonderful sensory gift for children to enjoy.

These mesmerising toys are perfect for stress relief, relaxation and mindfulness.  Great for helping children to focus and are fun fidget toys ideal for travel. They are great for helping children to focus, and require no batteries or come with any noise.  

Flip and watch the soothing droplets fall to find focus and tranquility. The sensory motion bubbler is available in three fun colours and promotes visual awareness and tracking skills. Reminiscent of lava lamps, the sensory motion bubbler is a sensory delight and a great gift.

Pablo book

Pablo is a beautiful show by bespoke TV production company Paper Owl Films. The hit CBeebies TV show follows a young autistic boy as he navigates his adventures with the help of his friends.

5½ year old Pablo is on the autism spectrum. Pablo’s drawings take him on fantastic adventures full of colourful characters, which help him face the Real World with confidence. Pablo is actually the first TV show to be completely written and cast by individuals all on the autistic spectrum too. Award-winning and BAFTA-nominated, Pablo airs in over 20 countries worldwide, inspiring audiences everywhere to see the world in different ways. 


To raise awareness for autism acceptance and inclusion, and to help children get a better understanding of how the autistic mind works, Pablo also has a range of lovely books (RRP £6.99) suitable for all children.

All Pablo books are written by writers on the autistic spectrum and are grounded in the real-life experiences of autistic children. These books help all children understand the world and face the world with confidence.

Pablo at the zoo

Pablo's friends meet their families at the zoo - but Noasaurus the dinosaur can't find his family.

Pablo and the book animals help Noasaurus realise that even though he might feel lost, family is where you find it.

Pablo’s feelings

Sometimes your face doesn't show how you are feeling. 

Pablo wants to go to his cousin Lorna's house, but his mum sees the expression on his face and thinks that he doesn't want to go!

Pablo is autistic and he sees the world in a different way. Together with his friends, the Book Animals, he comes up with a way to let people know what he is thinking!

Pablo and the noisy party

Pablo thinks differently!

Pablo's mum takes him to his cousin Lorna's birthday party, but Pablo gets scared of the noisy party.

Pablo hides in the car, and soon his friends come to join him. Pablo's friends help him realise that it's OK if he doesn't want to go to the party.

This lovely and heartwarming story will help readers understand that not everybody thinks the same way, and that some people feel differently about parties.

Something Special toys from Golden Bear Toys

Say ‘Hello, Hello’ to Mr Tumble with Golden Bear’s new collection of Something Special toys to inspire wellbeing and sensory development.

Help soothe and calm with the new Mr Tumble sensory toys from Golden Bear Toys. Popular CBeebies show, Something Special, introduces children to Makaton signing to help with learning and communication, as well as lots of slapstick fun. 

Golden Bear’s range of sensory and entertaining toys bring Mr Tumble to life to encourage wellbeing by reducing anxieties and restlessness, while helping little ones learn and play. As recommended by the Good Toy Guide, the following products in this inclusive range have met the strict criteria of being easy to use, developing skills, and most importantly, being FUN!

Golden Bear’s Mr Tumble toys are available at Amazon, Argos, and Smyths.

The Mr Tumble Weighted Calming Companion 

The Mr Tumble Weighted Calming Companion (RRP £19.99) is an innovative and therapeutic weighted companion toy suitable for ages 3+. 

Perfect for any Mr Tumble fan, this calming companion is weighted with solid glass beads in a soft, quilted blanket-like body and helps to aid mindfulness, concentration and mental wellbeing.

Dr. Amanda Gummer, BSc Psychology, PhD Neuropsychology, Founder &; CEO of The Good Toy Guide says: “It is lovely to see an inclusive product that supports relaxation and healthy sleep habits as part of such a popular brand. The weighted toy produces a similar effect to swaddling in very young babies and helps create a feeling of security and comfort. As it is used it will also take on a familiar scent which will provide further comfort to the child and so can help reduce anxiety when children are travelling or moving between households. The familiar character reassures the child and allows them to recall some of Mr Tumble’s stories as they settle into bed.

“Anxieties in young children are normal but can escalate easily if not addressed and using products such as the Mr Tumble weighted Calming Companion will help them learn to comfort themselves and effectively self-soothe. Children benefit from the predictability of a routine and this weighted toy can be a reassuring part of nap time or bedtime, helping them settle more easily.”

Vibrant and colourful, the Mr Tumble Weighted Calming Companion is easily recognisable as fan favourite Mr Tumble. He provides a calming and comforting weight and is super soft to snuggle with.

Super Soft Sensory Mr Tumble

Suitable from birth, Super Soft Sensory Mr Tumble (RRP £12.99) is made from premium mallow fabric to soothe little ones. 

Standing at 24cm tall, with textured hair, and silky bow tie, the satisfying textured filling creates optimum sensory feedback and tactile exploration to calm children and aid focus. This premium soft toy has fine embroidered facial details and is suitable for all fans of Mr Tumble and the hit CBeebies show Something Special.

As noted by Dr. Amanda Gummer, “The soft fabric is soothing and the different textures of the body, hair, bow tie and feet stimulate a child’s sense of touch whilst promoting multisensory perception.” 

Mr Tumble Says Activity Ball

The new Mr Tumble Says Activity Ball (RRP £10.99) is inspired by the familiar Simon Says play pattern and voiced by the fantastic Mr Tumble. 

Throw, kick or catch to activate the soft fabric ball to encourage children’s listening and learning. Perfect for active indoor use and helping to develop hand-eye coordination, the activity ball helps children of all ages stay active and engaged with fun activities to enrich the play. 

Dr. Amanda Gummer goes on to add, “Helping children develop their coordination and arm muscles will mean they are more able to control their limbs and can help children with activities that require a greater degree of control such as colouring or stacking blocks.”

Mr Tumble Touch My Nose Sensory Soft Toy

The Mr Tumble Touch My Nose Sensory Soft Toy (RRP £19.99) is suitable from birth and made from soft and colourful fabrics – perfect for comforting cuddles. 

With lights and sounds to stimulate the senses, this soft toy includes lots of familiar phrases and colour changing lights on Mr Tumble’s iconic waistcoat. Press his nose and watch as Mr Tumble’s nose lights up and listen as he says his favourite phrase: ‘Take your finger, touch your nose, blink three times and off it goes!’ This phrase is featured in every episode of the Something Special show on CBeebies and is familiar to children, parents, and early years carers.

Mr Tumble’s Sensory Seek and Find Spotty Bag with Fun Sounds 

Be just like Mr Tumble with your very own iconic spotty bag. Suitable for children aged 3+, Mr Tumble’s Sensory Seek and Find Spotty Bag with Fun Sounds (RRP £16.99) is perfect for imaginary play, fancy-dress parties and taking on outdoor explorations. 

Recommended by the Good Toy Guide, the bag allows children to replicate the most iconic play pattern from the show – ‘What’s inside Mr Tumble’s Spotty Bag?’. Press Mr Tumble printed on the front of the bag to hear familiar sounds and phrases from the show. Also included is the ‘I’m a Shining Star’ badge which will be familiar to little fans of the show. The badge slots neatly onto the front of the bag and can be removed and awarded to children for added roleplay fun and to aid the development of social skills.

The bag has plenty of room for little ones to carry their favourite things. Look inside to discover a Makaton Find and Play card game which can be played again and again at home or out and about. With 16 activities to complete, each card features a different sense and Makaton sign, and the game helps to aid communication skills and build confidence. Featuring an adjustable strap, the bag will grow with your little one, and includes a simple Velcro fastening little ones will enjoy opening and closing. 

Changing Seasons Sensory Tubes

Engage children in a calming, captivating sensory experience that introduces them to seasons with the Changing Seasons Sensory Tubes (RRP £20). 

This set has 4 tubes, each showing a season, and each easy-to-grip tube is colour-coded to reflect its season, with fun natural elements like plants, animals, sun, and snow. 

These sensory tubes can be used to help children self-regulate and manage their emotions as they learn about seasons and weather.

Big Feelings Pineapple™ Deluxe Set

There are even more big feelings to explore with this expanded version of Learning Resources’ multi award-winning Big Feelings Pineapple™ (RRP £20). 

With the deluxe set, children use the 40 face pieces and 3 pairs of arms as they learn about how facial and body expressions show what people are feeling. The pineapple has 2 sides so children can build contrasting expressions and use the set’s included pineapple mirror to see their own facial expressions.

Mindful Maze Garden Pack

Help young children practise mindfulness with this set of nature-themed Mindful Maze garden pack (RRP £14) tactile breathing boards.

Practise breathing and awareness with this mindfulness finger tracing tactile set for children. It’s an ideal resource to help children focus on their breathing at home or in the classroom through guided prompts and activities inspired by nature. 

To use, children trace their fingers along a design on these double-sided boards, using the winding Lazy River, curved Butterfly, Snail spiral, or blooming Flower breath patterns to calm and focus their attention. These hexagonal boards are perfect for calm down corners or using on the go. 

Feelings Family™ Hand Puppets

Whether happy, sad, surprised, angry or scared, these 5 colourful Feelings Family hand puppets (RRP £28) for kids help young children explore feelings and emotions through guided or free-play, or storytelling activities. 

Perfectly sized to fit a child’s hands and most adult’s, they are uniquely designed with tactile elements to help children engage with their feelings, and made from soft, durable materials. The hair on the happy, angry and sad puppets makes a crinkly sound, which adds an extra dimension of sensory play.

Worry Stone Pals Sensory Wristband

Sensory relief is within reach with the Worry Stone Pals sensory wristband (RRP £15). 

This set has 4 sensory worry stones for kids made especially for little ones, and a wristband. Each stone has a colourful character on the front, and a unique tactile texture on the back that’s perfect for little fingers to touch, fidget, and play. Children can either wear a worry stone in the wristband or carry one in their pocket or hand for a discreet, tactile way to focus their attention, calm feelings of anxiety and worry, and manage stress throughout the day. Children can also practise social emotional learning throughout the day by reading the Worry Stone Pal's character cards and expressing their traits.

* This gift guide contains items that have been gifted for this guide and previously gifted products

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