Sunday 26 November 2023


Win a game code for TRANSFORMERS: EARTHSPARK EXPEDITION on either XBOX, Steam or Playstation 5.

Outright Games, the leading global publisher of family-friendly video games in collaboration with Hasbro, a leading toy and game company, have launched TRANSFORMERS: EARTHSPARK - EXPEDITION the first video game set in the world of the animated TV series TRANSFORMERS: EARTHSPARK.

The game tells an original story that sees iconic Autobot, Bumblebee, face a mysterious threat from his past and is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

On this action-packed adventure, players find Bumblebee on a mission to stop the villainous Dr. Meridian aka “Mandroid” as they freely explore three massive biomes and complete quests given to them by their new allies called the Terrans, an all-new generation of Earthborn bots created originally for the TRANSFORMERS: EARTHSPARK animated series. Along the way, Bumblebee will complete missions, unlock upgrades and discover hidden areas to explore as he encounters fan-favourite characters, including Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Skullcruncher, Nova Storm, and Skywarp.

TRANSFORMERS: EARTHSPARK - EXPEDITION launches with a number of accessibility features to facilitate independent play for multiple generations of fans. Variable difficulty options, text legibility and control setup options, alongside an assisted driving system can all be implemented for a completely customisable gameplay experience. Further enabling players to give their full focus to exploring biomes and battling enemies, directional warnings and an automatic camera have been incorporated, with prompts on screen to raise awareness of incoming threats in-game and to keep combat front and centre.

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  1. This looks like a great game the children will enjoy