Thursday 15 September 2011

Aunty Boo

Dear Aunty Boo,

I know you’ll be reading this mummy told me that you do. I really wanted to write this letter, hoping it would make you feel better. You may be many miles away, but I think of you everyday. I can’t wait to come visit you, I promise I’ll bring mummy with me too. 

For now though I’ll send you plenty of pics, showing you my antics. I’ve been bouncing in my Jumperoo, been having fun in my walker too. I’ve been enjoying tasty din dins, got lots of pics with messy grins. I have been enjoying a good babble, chatting with mummy makes me chuckle. Daddy makes me laugh when he’s being silly, mummy says we are both naughty. My toothy-pegs are hurting me; this teething lark is making me grizzly. 

I miss you Aunty Boo, but hope this works out for you. Aunty Boo you are the best, having you as my aunty I am blessed. Can’t wait to see you for a hug and kiss, hope you don’t cry reading this.

Love you lots Aunty Boo,

From your cheeky nephew.

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