Thursday 15 September 2011

Bambino Mio Mioliners Review

I use cloth nappies with Tristan and absolutely love a bit of fluff. We use a variety of different nappies and love getting new ones. When I was exclusively breastfeeding Tristan I never really bothered with flushable, disposable liners but since we have started weaning Tristan they have been great and make a difference to keeping the nappies stain free.

I have tried a few different disposable liners, one of them being Bambino Mio’s Mioliners. Bambino Mio state that their Mioliners are now even friendlier on the environment as they are 100% natural and made from cornstarch, which is an annually renewable, sustainable source. The liners are compostable when wet, flushable when soiled and are biodegradable. 

The benefit of using liners in a nappy is that they retain solids to prevent soiling the nappy and according to Bambino Mio the Mioliners act as a one-way barrier, allowing moisture through to the nappy but reducing moisture seeping back onto baby’s delicate skin. As well as being able to use them with Bambino Mio’s nappies they can be used in a variety of different nappy systems. This is of great benefit to me as I have numerous different makes of nappies. Mioliners come in packs of 160 sheets on a roll.

I like these liners as they feel nice and smooth. They have a silky sheen to them, and are also soft and breathable for baby’s skin. The liners catch all the solids really well and can easily be disposed off avoiding the need for nappy bags, which is another environmental benefit. The real benefit of using them is seen with dirty, soiled nappies however even with a wet nappy I find Tristan’s skin doesn’t feel wet to touch which shows that they are reducing moisture seeping back on to his delicate skin. They are great as they lift away most of the soiling so there is very little staining left on the nappy. I definitely feel they have prevented staining on our nappies. Sometimes when Tristan has been very active and wriggly the liners have scrunched up a bit but I have found they still catch his poo well and in my opinion unless a liner was completely fixed in a nappy it is to be expected that there may be some movement. 

The liners are a great size, nice and big to catch the mess and with the few nappies that the liners are a little too wide with I just tuck the extra bit in. As they are on a roll they don’t take up much space and are very portable and in my opinion they are great value for money. What I like about them most is that they have never irritated his skin. When looking at liners I had read a few reviews about people moaning that the liners blocked their drains but it does state on Bambino Mio's website caution flushing of liners may cause blockages in old or damaged drains, so they do warn people about this. I don’t flush the liners as I have an old drain system and after reading the warning by Bambino Mio I did not want to risk causing a blockage.

I am very happy with the liners and would definitely buy another roll.

The liners can be bought on Bambino Mio’s shop for £4.95 and you can see all the other products they do on their website.


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  2. I love the fact that these liners are so eco friendly. I used to worry about using liners because they weren't able to decompose fully. I know using liners and real nappies is still more environmentally friendly than using disposable nappies but I couldn't really convince myself that liners were a good thing - hence loads of soiled nappies which were very hard to clean. I'd definitely give these a try in future! 

  3. they do look nice .x