Wednesday 28 September 2011

Cheeky Wipes Review.

We have been using cloth nappies with Bug from birth but we don’t currently use reusable, washable wipes. I have thought about making my own wipes but so far thinking about it is as far as I’ve got.

I was thrilled when Helen from Cheeky Wipes offered one of their washable wipes kits for review. As I already use cloth I was sent the Cheeky Monkey kit that’s aimed at existing cloth users.
A great incentive for using washable wipes is saving money. According to their website, Cheeky Wipes say that by using cloth baby wipes instead of disposable wipes you can save over £200 in 2 years based on if you were using one pack of disposable wipes per week. So if you use more disposable wipes than that the saving is even greater!

Not only can you save money by using washable wipes but the most appealing benefit to me of using them is that they are gentler on baby’s bum. Compared to disposable wipes natural baby wipes are better for baby, they are better at helping to protect and nurture baby’s skin. Cheeky Wipes inform you on their website of all the common chemicals in disposable wipes whilst cloth wipes are chemical free and natural. They are totally natural as said on the website “Natural baby skin care starts with Nature’s best and cheapest gift of all - water.” By using washable wipes your baby is not exposed to harsh chemicals.

If all that wasn’t enough another great bonus of using washable wipes is that they are kinder to the environment, which in turn means you are helping to protect your children’s future. Cheeky Wipes say it’s the "kinder way to clean bottoms" and that "Cheeky cloth baby wipes are the green, eco-friendly and organic way to clean your baby's bottom! Our natural washable cloth baby wipes use just water and safe essential oils - biodegradable and great smelling."

The following video provides information about how to use Cheeky Wipes using their Cheeky Baby Wipes All-In-One kits.

In the Cheeky Monkey Mini Baby Wipes kit for existing cloth nappy users I got –

· 25 lovely soft Terry Towelling cloth baby wipes 15cm x 15cm
· 1 Fresh Baby Wipes container
· 1 Wet Bag
· 1 10ml bottle of Lavender and Chamomile Fresh Baby Wipes Essential Oil Blend

My first impression when the packaged arrived was that the container looked nice and compact and I like that the lid is hinged. The wipes are very lovely and soft, I was curious to see if they would stay soft after a few washes.

The time had come to test out washable wipes at long last. It was easy and simple to get everything prepared in readiness for nappy changes. All you have to do is fill the fresh wipes container with 2-3cm of water, add a few drops of the essential oil blend and then just put the wipes into the container. They are ready and waiting in the container for when you need them. It’s nice and simple, perfect for a tired mummy to manage.

The wipes smell gorgeous coming out of the container, I love essential oils and the Fresh Wipes blend is lovely. No problems at all with cleaning after wet nappies, as I expected. The big question though was how they would handle a dirty nappy and I am pleased to say that they were great with a dirty nappy too. When using them I just wipe off the excess poo on the front of the nappy and then clean with the cheeky baby wipe. I noticed when using the towelling baby wipes that there was less smearing compared to using disposable wipes. The fact that they are towelling wipes so a bit textured is what I believe helps clean a dirty bum quicker and easier than a disposable wipe. So far just one wipe has done the trick even with dirty nappies when I would have used a few disposable wipes. I have also used them when out and about and it was just as simple as when I am at home. Just took some clean damp wipes in the wet bag, cleaned his bum and put the dirty wipe with the dirty nappy to bring back home for washing, job done.

With the Cheeky Monkey mini kit, compared to the All-In-One kit, once I had used the wipes I just stored them in my nappy bin with the nappies until I was ready to wash them. The wipes go straight into the washing machine and can be washed at 40 degrees but it is suggested to wash them at 60 degrees once a week to keep them bug free. I really like the fact that you don’t need to dry the wipes, once washed you just put them back in the Fresh Wipes Container with some fresh water and essential oils. I love how easy it is, great for busy mum’s. So far the wipes have washed well, there’s no staining and in the time I’ve been using them still as soft as they were when I first got them.

Even though it is simple to just add the dirty wipes too my dirty nappies I prefer the idea of having a Mucky Wipes container. I like the idea of keeping them in a container with essential oils that have anti-bacterial properties and I personally think it would help keep them beautifully clean and smelling lovely compared to just adding them to my nappy bin to dry pail them without any essential oils. I will definitely keep using Cheeky Wipes but I will most probably purchase a Mucky Wipes container or get another plastic container so that I can keep them in an essential oils mix whilst waiting to be washed to keep them smelling sweet. I have put a small amount of essential oils in the bottom of my nappy bin but found it didn’t have much of an effect with the size of the bin so I do think to keep the wipes smelling lovely a smaller container just for them would have a better result.

Some people might argue that you are paying a lot for something that you could easily do yourself by making D.I.Y wipes and getting a sealable plastic box and some essential oils or buying everything individually from different companies and yes you could do this I agree. However, firstly buying individually I am sure would soon add up and at least with this kit everything is included and ready for use. Secondly, being a first time mummy I would say that it was a hard and busy enough time dealing with a new little baby that any precious free time I had I wouldn’t have wanted to be making wipes and kits or to be searching for everything individually. I am sure a lot of people have the effort and inclination to do this and even be organised and do it months in advance of the new baby’s arrival but for a lot of people doing all that would put them off starting to use washable wipes so in those cases these kits are perfect for them with being so hassle free. For me if I had used washable wipes from the start that I would have appreciated the convenience of having this ready made washable wipes kit. I thought 25 wipes wouldn’t be enough but they are plenty but I would most probably later on make some and/or buy more wipes separately and add them to the kit just due to a new love of wipes. This kit is a great start to using washable wipes and would easily suffice but you could if you wanted to add extra wipes to the collection. 

I like these wipes so much I am considering getting another kit for using exclusively for cleaning hands and face; I think they would be fantastic for cleaning Bug’s messy face after he has had his food. I am impressed with them and to be honest I was a bit put off by the price but since using them I would say it is worth it. Yes you’ve got the initial expense but you save money in the long term, especially if you look after them and then have more than one baby and use them again you save even more money.

I really like the box and love the push lid that's hinged, perfect for one-handed use. The wipes are a great size and are nice and soft for delicate baby skin. I can’t fault the product, it’s a great concept. I noticed that Tristan’s bum felt softer compared to before when using disposable wipes. I love that I don’t have to worry about products that are chemically loaded cleaning my little man’s sensitive skin anymore, only natural water and essential oils. Make me feel good that I am not only caring for his skin in a natural and great way but I am also helping the environment at the same time. It’s a very convenient, practical and well-thought-out product. I love Cheeky Wipes and I really wish that I had started using washable wipes months ago. I will most definitely use them from the beginning when I have another baby. I highly recommend Cheeky Wipes and am converted to washable wipes.

You can purchase the Cheeky Monkey Mini Kit on their website for £26.95. On their website you can also read about all the benefits of using washable, reusable wipes and purchase the Cheeky Wipes Cheeky BabyAll-In-One Kit as well as other items separately. Cheeky wipes can also be found on facebook and twitter.

* Cheeky Wipes kindly gave us this Cheeky Wipes kit to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions and is 100% my own *


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