Wednesday 28 September 2011

Mamascarf Review.

I have been breastfeeding Bug since birth and I am used to having to feed him in numerous places including in public. During the early stages of feeding on demand and feeding extremely often I got used to feeding anywhere, overcoming my nerves about feeding in public as my baby needed feeding so I just had to get on with it. I decided early on if I was nervous and self conscious I would attract more attention, and I wouldn’t get unwanted attention if I looked confident. I tried using muslin squares and blankets to save my modest but they were more hassle than what it was worth and I would end up showing more trying to cover myself with them. I have also bought and tried specially designed tops for breastfeeding and never really got on with them well, they aren’t always easy to feed in and limits my wardrobe. With being a busy new mum dealing with a little baby I never thought about looking for a product specifically designed to cover yourself when breastfeeding.

I recently came across the Mamascarf and the lovely Keira O’Mara sent me a Cream Mamascarf to test and review. According to their website the benefits of using the award winning Mamascarf are that it covers you before and after feeding, it covers your post pregnancy belly, by using it there is less distraction for baby whilst feeding and you can still maintain eye contact with baby. It provides crucial support without the need for a cushion but it is not designed for carrying a baby. The Mamascarf is made from 100% soft tactile cotton and as it is textured fabric any creases are disguised. You don’t have to worry if it will fit as one size fits all and it can be used to feed any age baby. When not in use it can be either folded away or worn as a scarf, and it even comes with a handy hidden pocket to store your breastpad.

Hidden pocket. 

The Mamascarf was invented by Keira O’Mara a breastfeeding mum for other breastfeeding mums. On her website she says about how she came up with the idea – “I came up with the idea for a breastfeeding scarf whilst I was feeding my baby in a coffee shop. I was getting disapproving stares from the people at the neighbouring table and I felt extremely uncomfortable. I had attempted to cover up with a scarf that kept slipping off or was pulled off by my wriggling baby. In addition to this, my arm was aching as I didn’t have the support of the cushions I would have used at home. It was then that I started to think about designing something that would solve all of these problems providing cover, discretion, some additional support and even somewhere to hide your breastpad!” Her aim in creating the Mamascarf was to make life easier for mums and to encourage mums who are nervous about feeding in public to try and have the confidence to do so with the help of using the Mamascarf for discretion. 

The Mamascarf is easy to use and the design is a simple yet effective triangle. It is so simple and quick to use by following the instructions taken from the Mamascarf website - 

1. Place the scarf around your neck with the centre point at your tummy and the pocket on the inside.
2. Tie the two ends of the scarf at the back of your neck. The larger you require it to be, the further to the end you need to tie it. Tie a double knot.
3. Once your scarf is tied, loop your arm through the opening. Use your right arm to feed on the right or your left arm to feed on the left side. 
4. Once the Mamascarf nursing cover is in place you can adjust your clothing as required, now you can slip your baby into the opening, and feed as normal ensuring you are holding your baby at all times (PLEASE NOTE - Mamascarf is not designed for carrying your baby).

Images as provided by Keira O’Mara of Mamascarf from her website.

Or you can follow the instructions on this video.

I was very excited about reviewing the Mamascarf as it’s described as not only a discreet and stylish way for mothers to feed their baby but it also provides support too. My first impression of the Mamascarf was that it came in a nice box, was a lovely neutral colour and great quality fabric. I love the soft tactile texture. I was very interested to see if by breastfeeding Bug with the Mamascarf it would help with distractions or if it would just annoy him.

I followed the easy instructions and settled down to breastfeed Bug in the Mamascarf. My first thought was that I liked that I could see Bug’s face when he was in the Mamascarf and that I wasn’t blindly trying to latch him on like you would be doing if you were to cover yourself using a blanket with which you’d most probably end up exposing yourself and it’s much more stylish than a blanket. It’s such a light, breathable material I didn’t feel like I was smothering him by covering him to feed. Normally Bug is a right wriggler when feeding and is getting to be really nosey but inside the Mamascarf he feed great and was focused on feeding and became very settled and calm. I think it was a combination of being cocooned next to me and not being able to see any distractions that helped him feed better. I think the fact that it has a wide neck and he could see me helped him to not get agitated. Bug seemed to like the soft fabric too and twiddled the material in-between his fingers. I felt comfortable feeding him and I was impressed with how well he settled. The only thing I did notice though was when he did have a little wriggle the scarf rubbed on my neck. 

As Bug is getting older he is also getting heavier and the extra support was very welcome and a lovely bonus that not only is it a way to feed discreetly but that support means your arms don’t ache. Even though I have happily breastfeed Bug in public a lot of the times it's not often where I am able to sit somewhere nice and comfy and as there are very rarely cushions available my arms and back ache especially in those early days of long, frequent feeding, so having that support is much appreciated. 

A major plus for me is that with using the Mamascarf I can wear things again that I wouldn’t usually wear now because I wouldn’t be able feed in them without exposing myself completely. I have a bit of a belly and it’s brilliant that it covers my belly too; I no longer have to wear extra layers to ensure my belly is not on show.

I have never been that nervous about feeding in public, I have grown more confident over the months however I have at times felt uncomfortable feeding around particular friends and family members. Recently we went away for a few days to stay with Lee’s family and I now wish I had a Mamascarf then as I felt very uncomfortable about breastfeeding in front of his family in particular around the male members of the family, every time Bug needed a feed I would leave the room and breastfeed him privately, alone in another room and I felt rude having to leave the room often and missed out on time spent with them. With the Mamascarf I can feed happily and stay around anyone without feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed.

I think it’s a fabulous product especially for people who are very self conscious about feeding in public. I think it would help people who have bad experiences of feeding in public gain more confidence in feeding and that in turn will help them persevere with breastfeeding. Great for mums who are put off breastfeeding because of feeding in public and despite really wanting to breastfeed they give up or not attempt it because of their fears. If you are anxious and embarrassed about feeding in public it wouldn’t be a relaxed feed at all but using the Mamascarf I believe would help create a comfortable and relaxed feed whilst your modesty is preserved. I would say it is a must have for any mum who is uncomfortable breastfeeding in public. The Mamascarf gives coverage and confidence.

For mums with babies like Bug who are now older and easily distracted I feel it would be beneficial as it would stop them being able to see background distraction and they would hopefully stop pulling off constantly and instead feed efficiently and calmly. But an older baby who is not used to being covered up might not like it and might hate feeding in the Mamascarf. Also depending on how long you breastfeed for an older baby might not fit in as comfortably as a younger, smaller baby would. I don't think Bug would fit in the Mamascarf much longer without it being too tight a fit, which I think would in turn would affect his happiness in feeding in the Mamascarf. Having said that we are weaning Bug now and even though he is still breastfeeding he is feeding less and more efficiently and now we aren't feeding often in public.

I would recommend this product to other breastfeeding mums. It’s a simple, stylish and perfect solution for mums who want privacy and to be able to feed discreetly. Even though we aren’t feeding that often in public now I would say it’s great for when I am around friends and family who I wouldn’t feel 100% comfortable feeding in front of totally exposed and who might also get embarrassed. I wish I had one of these when I first started breastfeeding as the hardest part of feeling confident to breastfeed in public was that I was still learning how to breastfeed and it would have helped not having to worry about exposing myself on top of getting him latched on and in the correct position. I will definitely use this product when I have another baby and I believe it is an invaluable baby essential in those early endless feeding months of breastfeeding on demand enabling mums to feel free to feed comfortably whenever and wherever they want.

The Mamascarf can be bought on their website for £17.99 and there are 4 different colour/designs to choose from and I think it would be great if there were a few more designs to choose from. All information about Mamascarf can be found on their website. Mamascarf have a facebook page and can also be found on twitter.

* Mamascarf kindly gave us this product to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions and is 100% my own *


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