Wednesday 26 October 2011

Dotty Bots Original Nappy Review.

As a cloth nappy addict I was over the moon when Dotty Bots offered me one of their nappies to test and review. I believe you can never have enough gorgeous fluff and I love trying new nappies and adding to my collection. I haven’t got many pocket nappies in my collection so I was extra excited about testing Dotty Bots with them being pocket nappies.

Dotty Bots was created by Rebecca Wareing, a mum of 2 who ventured into designing a funky range of reusable nappies after the success of launching her children’s clothing business Dotty Donkey. She wanted to create a range of nappies that were not only good quality and easy to use but that were also affordable and attractive. A great benefit from using reusable nappies is how much money you can save and Dotty Bots state on their website that you can save a small fortune by switching to Dotty Bots nappies providing the statistics that emphasise this benefit. Not only will using cloth nappies save you money but they are also better for the environment than disposable nappies. Rebecca says that “real nappies are greener, funkier and more cost effective.”
Dotty Bots nappies are pocket nappies that fit from birth (7lb) to potty. All of the nappies come with 2 inserts; the original Dotty Bots come with a micro fleece insert and a smaller super bamboo booster. These pocket nappy systems consist of a 3 layer technology.

* 1st layer is the contact layer next to baby’s skin which is a micro fibre fleece layer. The micro fibre layer works by wicking and locking moisture away from baby’s skin into the next layer of the nappy system.
* 2nd layer is a 3 layer terry towelling fleece soaker allowing moisture to be soaked up. A smaller booster can be added for extra absorbency.
* 3rd layer is 100% waterproof and breathable polyurethane laminate outer to protect baby’s clothes from moisture leakage.

We were sent an original Dotty Bots nappy in the Animal Antics print. The nappy came wrapped in a lovely Dotty Bots ribbon. I instantly loved the design, it’s a lovely funky print and I thought Bug would look cute wearing this nappy. I love how incredibly soft the nappy is. The nappy is excellent quality, with superb stitching and fantastic fabric. The nappy came with two inserts, one micro fleece insert and a bamboo booster, the bamboo booster is incredibly soft. I was looking forward to trying out the bamboo booster as the other pocket nappies I have only have micro fleece inserts. I have used bamboo liners in my two-part system nappies and have found them incredibly absorbent so was very curious to see how absorbent the bamboo booster would be in the pocket nappy.

Adjustable fitting to get the perfect fit.

This nappy is a great fit on Bug, I really like the double row of snaps which ensures the good fit and the various poppers enable the adjustable fittings so the nappy grows with your baby. I am very impressed with how slim line and trim the nappy is; it is not bulky at all. Bug is very active and loves jumping in his Jumperoo, rolling around and army crawling so I like to use a nappy that not only is absorbent and can withstand his activity but which is also comfortable for him. I am pleased to say not only is the Dotty Bots soft and comfortable and is such a great fit that Bug is very content in it, he can move freely and it doesn’t leave any deep red marks on his legs or belly, and it is incredibly absorbent and withstands his hyper activity. Amazingly we have had no leaking issues whatsoever with this nappy and the side gussets have kept some right messes contained. This is a very reliable nappy and we easily got 4 hours with no leaking. We normally use a two-part system at night for the reassurance of having two barriers to stop leaks (the nappy and the wrap) especially as Bug sleeps through and is a heavy wetter so reliability is a priority during the night. Using the Dotty Bots, I decided to be brave and attempt using a pocket nappy for the first time ever during the night and I am delighted to say that we have no leaks. I believe this was due to the bamboo booster which was brilliant, it was highly absorbent and wicked away moisture keeping Bug naturally drier and comfortable, and I also like the fact that bamboo has natural anti-bacterial properties. I like how versatile the nappy is and that you can just adjust absorbency to suit the circumstance. 

This nappy is extremely quick and easy to put on and great for little wrigglers like Bug. For those of you considering using cloth nappies, pocket nappies are just like disposables the only difference is you put them in the washing machine rather than the bin, saving yourself money and helping the environment. The pocket is a generous size and you can easily insert and remove the soakers and boosters. This nappy washes really well and I am pleased to say it is still as soft now after numerous washes as it was new. As the nappy comes apart and the inserts are slim the drying time is great, the whole nappy dries outside on the line or by the wood fire in just a few hours. It dries quicker than the two-part nappies I have. For such an absorbent nappy the drying time is fantastic.

I would highly recommend Dotty Bots original nappies. I am very impressed with the quality and absorbency. The nappy is also a gorgeous design and it was such a shame on cold days to have to hide the nappy under trousers. I will definitely invest in a few more Dotty Bots and will have to get some baby legs to show of the stunning fluff. My boyfriend loves that we use cloth nappies and he has also found this nappy easy to use and excellent value for money being great quality. He was also impressed that Dotty Bots is based near his home city of Leeds; he was pleased to learn that this brilliant little company was created by a mum from that area. I think these nappies would make a great gift, being a lovely change from the usual baby clothes. For parents considering using cloth nappies these are perfect as they do a great job and are very affordable.

The Dotty Bots original nappy that we have tested is just a small part of the range that Dotty Bots have, they also sell wet bags, Dotty Dribbles bandana bibs and charcoal and bamboo inserts so that you can improve absorbency. They also have other pocket nappies available; the Bamboo nappies that come with 2 bamboo inserts for £12.00 and their gorgeous range of Couture nappies which are brightly coloured nappies with appliqué animals on the bum and come with 2 inserts for the amazing price of £9.50. I absolutely love their Couture range and for such a brilliant price I will definitely be investing in a few, I don’t think I can resist the Wise Owl. Dotty Bots is Dotty Donkey's brand of affordable cloth nappies, Dotty Donkey sell a range of products including leggings, rompers, baby legs and soft sole leather shoes. They can be found on their website or on their ebay store.

I believe Dotty Bots original pocket nappies will be a huge success as they are a great quality reliable nappy which is highly affordable for the amazing price of £8.50. There is a huge choice of designs and colours available. All nappies and accessories can be bought on their website and there are discounts available for multiple purchases. Dotty Bots also have a Facebook page and can be followed on twitter. If you love cloth nappies or are looking to venture into the world of fluff I would highly recommend Dotty Bots.

* Dotty Bots kindly gave us this nappy to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions and is 100% my own *

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  1. That may well be the cutest nappy I have ever seen :)