Thursday 27 October 2011

Under the Weather.

I have been feeling under the weather lately and have no energy to do much of anything. I having been feeling like I just want to curl up under the duvet and hibernate for a while but with a little baby this is just a desire and I just have to get on with it. I can’t really complain as Bug is such a good little baby and Lee has been great and looks after Bug a lot to take the pressure off of me and he does take good care of me. 

Apart from recovering from Bug’s birth this is the first time I have really felt unwell since having Bug and it reminds me of how my life has changed. Before having Bug if I was ill or feeling rundown I could just look after myself, resting and sleeping as much as I want but now that I am a mummy this isn’t the case anymore. I’ve got to look after Bug and not mope about feeling sorry for myself.

I’ve had no inclination to go online or post anything on here and the laptop just gives me a headache. I feel bad that I am not putting more of an effort into this blog but the little energy and inclination I do have I just want to use on spending time with Bug and having fun with him. When Bug was first born and I was breastfeeding on demand I used to spend a great deal of time online and on facebook as something to do whilst I sat feeding him. It was during that time that I came across other blogs and various competitions that I started entering on blogs and on facebook. Back then I had the time to spend on the laptop but now that Bug is older and more active I just want to spend my time with him not glued to the laptop entering competitions and fixed on facebook. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy doing this blog and intent on preserving and once I feel better I will be posting more. Bug is my priority and I want to enjoy this time with him having fun and making memories, he is growing up so fast now and I don’t want to miss this time by being online for hours everyday.

Hopefully I will be feeling better soon and in the meantime Bug has been giving me plenty of cuddles which makes me a very happy mummy.

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