Wednesday 19 October 2011

Dribble Ons Review

Bug is currently teething and alongside his teething is the inevitable drool. My little man dribbles so much that it his tops get drenched with dribble and he gets a little rash under his chin. Normal bibs just do not work in protecting his skin and clothes from getting soaking wet therefore his skin gets irritated and we have to constantly change him. When Socks Ons offered me their Dribble Ons to review as well as reviewing Socks Ons I was thrilled and jumped at the chance to see if they could withstand Bug’s dribble.

Dribble Ons are a bandana style dribble bib that has been designed to provide a clever and stylish solution for baby dribble. They are made with a soft stretch cotton top and terry towelling backing to absorb moisture whilst also being comfortable for babies to wear. They have poppers to secure the bib, with 2 snaps so that you can adjust the size of the bib to get a great fit. 

My first impression of the Dribble Ons bib was that it was well made and a lovely soft material. I was curious to see how the terry towelling backing would absorb his dribble and prevent his clothes and skin from getting soaked as previously I have only ever used bandana bibs that have a fleece backing. Like the Sock Ons they came with minimal packaging, which is great for the environment…less packaging equals less waste. 

Dribble Ons did not disappoint, the terry towelling backing did a great job and stopped any dribble soaking onto Bug. I was very impressed, the bib worked brilliantly and Bug’s top and chin stayed dry. Bug looked comfortable wearing the Dribble Ons and the soft fabric helped prevent any irritation that may occur from wearing a bib for a long period of time. There was no skin irritation at all and as his skin was no longer getting wet he was no longer getting a rash under his chin.

I liked how as it was a lovely, neutral navy it went with anything and did not draw attention away from his clothes, it just complimented his outfits and looked stylish. Bug is getting to be a little chunky monkey and he does have a little chunky chin but it was still a great fit. Bug was comfortable wearing the bib. It was easy to put on and take off with the poppers and with the adjustable size I was able to get a great fit on him. The bib washed really well and stayed lovely and soft. Also Bug liked to chew on the Dribble Ons, which not only satisfied his need to chew but it also wiped off the drool on his face.

I think Dribble Ons are a great solution for preventing dribble from soaking your little ones clothes and skin. I would highly recommend them and I think it is a fabulous product that is a must for parents to help with baby dribble. Not only is this a stylish bandana bib but it’s also a fantastic dribble catcher. In my opinion they are great value for money and worth investing in a couple and with a great range of colours available there’s plenty of choice. You’ll have less dribble soaked clothes so less washing.

Dribble Ons together with Sock Ons would make a great gift set, great practical products that are also stylish. Dribble Ons are available in 5 plain colours – Navy, White, Fuchsia, Baby Pink and Baby Blue. They also have the Bright Range providing a huge splash of colour to funky bandana bibs. They are recommended for 0-24 months.

Dribble Ons can be purchased for around £5.00 but prices vary depending on the stockist. You can purchase them from Amazon, Fill Your Pants plus other online retailers and stores. A list of stockists can be found on Sock Ons Website as well as the collections available and the other products that they have. Sock Ons are on twitter @SockOns and they have a facebook page too, pop over and say hi and that we sent you. 

* Sock Ons kindly gave us this Dribble Ons to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions and is 100% my own *

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