Tuesday 18 October 2011

Sock Ons Review

Baby socks are one of life’s little annoyances. They are a nightmare, they just never stay on!! Bug is a right wriggler, has been since he was born and his wriggling inevitably means his socks come off and now he is older he even pulls them off himself, which all means lost socks. If you leave your little one barefoot people feel compelled to comment that his feet must be cold but when you do put socks on without shoes you are constantly hearing from people that you are just about to lose a sock as they just won’t stay put….you can’t win either way. During the summer Bug was barefoot a lot of the time and I would only use socks when absolutely necessary. But now the colder weather has arrived socks are a must have. When I was offered the chance of testing and reviewing Sock Ons I jumped at the chance of seeing whether they would do the trick and solve the inevitable problem of loosing socks.

Sock Ons are an award winning UK Company who invents clever products to help make parenting easier. Sock Ons were invented to solve the problem of keeping socks on baby’s feet in spite of wriggling, kicking and tugging at socks. They designed am ingenious solution to this problem with their patent pending design that ‘locks’ the sock into place and if the sock is pulled from the toes the sock simply gets locked into the hole around the heel instead of slipping off. They were invented by a mum of five boys who knew from first hand experience with her sons the annoyance of loosing socks. This product has gone through years of development and research, including meticulous testing in the aim of creating a product that is simple yet extremely effective in solving the problem of keeping socks in their place.

My first impressions were that they looked cute and felt nice and stretchy. They are made from a woven blend of elasticated materials (Nylon and Elastane). I liked how they came with minimal packaging, with only a little cardboard in the shape of feet displaying the product which is great for the environment. They are simple to use, you just put ordinary socks on your baby’s feet then place the Sock Ons over the socks. They are not recommended for use with shoes, are not suitable for walking and should be removed when baby is sleeping.

I wasn’t sure if these would work especially as Bug is such a wriggler and because he loves playing with his feet now and pulls socks off in a blink of an eye. However I am pleased to say that they kept his socks on in spite of wriggling and Bug’s attempts at pulling his socks off. They did not budge and I noticed no sock slippage at all, especially great when out and about to stop socks slipping off without you knowing and another sock vanishing into thin air. I think they look good on with every day outfits and are not bulky; for a special occasion outfit I’m not sure how well these would look on. My only negative is to do with the fact that I think Bug need’s a different size. We were sent the 0-6 months and as Tristan is 6 months now and he does have chunky feet they were a little tight, the top of the Sock Ons kept rolling down and after a little while of him wearing these Sock Ons they gave his little feet red marks. I think the 6-12 months ones would be the perfect size and would be even better as not only would they be saving his socks slipping off they would be a better, snug fit that doesn’t constrict and hurt his feet. 

In spite of them not fitting well on Bug it is obvious that they work well and I am pleased with the results and think that it is a great invention. With the correct size I think it is an amazing product that solves one of life’s little annoyances. They are great value for money and would save you money on having to buy new socks all the time to replace lost socks. I think these would be brilliant and very handy during winter when the weather is a lot colder and keeping your little ones feet warm is very important. I believe they would make a fantastic gift for newborns or expectant mums, being a little different from other gifts. I would highly recommend Sock Ons and think they are a genius, simple product.

Sock Ons come in a range of colours and there are 3 collections available. They have a new Bright Collection that has 9 colours – Red, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Blueberry, Grape, Turquoise, Chocolate and Charcoal. The Classic Collection that has 5 plain colours – Navy, White, Fuchsia, Baby Pink and Baby Blue. The Sneaker Prints Collection that has 4 colours – Fairy White, Sky Runner, Sailor Blue and Princess Pink. All are available in the sizes 0-6 months and 6-12 months. Sock Ons can be purchased from around £2.75 but prices vary depending on the stockist. You can purchase them from Amazon, Mothercare and Jojo Maman Bebe. A list of stockists can be found on Sock Ons Website as well as the collections available and the other products that they have. Sock Ons have a facebook page and are also on twitter @SockOns, pop over and say hi and that we sent you.

* Socks Ons kindly gave us these Socks Ons to review for free, despite this I have written a honest review that contains my own words and opinions and is 100% my own *


  1. These are a brilliant idea, baby socks seem to have a mind of their own!

  2. We used these for Bud and they really saved my sanity! We'd lost too many socks before I discovered Sock Ons and they really were great. I agree they ended up a bit tight on Bud too but they were great while they fitted him well.

  3. What a great idea! It's worth a try at least.

  4. This item was a life saver for my daughter .x

  5. I've tried these, a friend bought them for Daisy and I completely agree - they are brilliant! I will definitely buy some the next time a friend has a baby.

  6. these are a great idea, i was always losing socks when my kids were babies