Thursday 6 October 2011

Ella's Kitchen First Tastes Pouches Review

We have been weaning Bug for a few weeks now and have recently started introducing new tastes and moving on from baby rice and porridge. It is lovely to see Bug try new flavours so when Ella’s Kitchen offered to send us some samples of their ‘first tastes’ range to review I was very excited about him trying their baby food.

Ella’s Kitchen Stage 1 (from 4 months) First Tastes range is exactly that, baby food that caters for babies’ very first tastes with just one fruit. They are ideal for little babies and their tiny taste buds helping them as they are starting out on their exciting journey into food. For older, hungrier babies you can also mix them with baby rice, cereal or yoghurt. As well as being superb for babies’ first tastes they also make a tasty, fruity snack for toddlers. Ella’s Kitchen Stage 1 First Tastes are a delicious range of simple yet tasty flavours, available in mangoes, mangoes,mangoes; apples, apples, apples; pears, pears, pears and bananas, bananas, bananas. As the names suggest the pouches are simply just one fruit.
These pouches are pure, yummy fruit. They are 100% organic and contain no artificial additives, E numbers or GM. You can also be reassured that they contain no gluten, wheat, dairy or lactose and no added sugar, salt or water. 

Ella’s Kitchen products encourage healthy eating habits and their range provides parents with healthy and organic choices for their little ones that is convenient too. The smaller 70g pouches are perfect for parents when on-the-go as well as being a handy, healthy solution for early weaning.

We were sent Mangoes, Mangoes, Mangoes and Apples, Apples, Apples for Bug to taste. My first impression was that the packaging is nice and bright. The pouches are a great design, safer to pop in your bag for when you are out and about compared to a glass jar. I really like the fact that with the pouches you can squeeze the food directly onto the spoon to feed your baby, into a bowl or when your little one is older they can feed themselves straight from the pouch. 

Bug loved the tastes and was opening his mouth for the next spoonful, demanding more with his babble. He was particularly excited when eating Mangoes, Mangoes, Mangoes. It was great to give him a taste that we may not have thought to give him yet in the early stages of weaning, it was lovely to give him a more exotic taste than apples or bananas. 

The food looked tasty and a great consistency. It is nice and reassuring to know that they are 100% organic and just yummy fruit with nothing added to them. As a mummy who wants to feed her little one healthily it makes me feel better know that it is just fruit and no additives that I am giving him, so I don’t feel guilt giving him food bought from a shop in a pouch that is easy and convenient for me.

I love the fact that in these ‘First Tastes’ pouches Ella’s Kitchen is providing the first ever Stage 1 baby food that contains nothing but one single fruit. Before weaning Bug I read a lot about the subject and the majority I read advised when weaning to use just one fruit at a time before combining flavours so that babies get used to the new tastes one at a time first. As we have started weaning Bug under 6 months of age I wanted to follow that advice and I love that Ella’s Kitchen provides the product that helps me to follow that advice so that I can buy convenient, pre-made Stage 1 baby food that only contains one fruit in addition to me making home-made baby food myself. These pouches are perfect as they complement our weaning adventure and are a great bonus to a busy mummy as they are hassle free and match the home-made single fruit purees we already feed him.

Their pouches are very handy and it’s great that little ones can eat them straight from the pouch. They are a perfect way to travel with food, safe in your bag and you don’t have to worry about a jar breaking or opening and food spilling in your bag. They are a great size and don’t take up too much room in your bag either, just perfect for popping in your bag.

I love the fact that Ella’s Kitchen have teamed up with eco-friendly TerraCycle and their Upcycle Campaign. The concept is simple you just save your used baby food pouches and send them free of charge to TerraCycle who then upcycle them to make creative and interesting bibs, lunch boxes etc. Not only by participating are you helping the environment by reducing the amount of pouches that end up on landfills but by sending in the pouches to be upcycled TerraCycle make a donation to your choosen charity for every pouch they receive. The Campaign is great for the environment and fantastic causes too……superb!!

Ella’s Kitchen have a fun and informative website, where you can also ‘Become a Friend’ and as a friend you get a fab free weaning guide and money saving coupons. Also great is ‘Ella’s Explorers’ where you can get useful information on fun ways to explore yummy, healthy food with your little one. On their website you can also ask their experts questions, get great advice and read their articles.

You can buy the Stage 1 First Taste range at Sainsbury’s, Boots and Ocado for £0.69 a pouch. On their website you can see the whole range of tasty, healthy food that Ella’s Kitchen make from Stage 1 First Tastes to begin the weaning process and journey through the adventure of tasting new foods to Stage 3 Toddler food. Ella’s Kitchen can also be found on their facebook page and you can follow them on twitter.

* Ella’s Kichen kindly gave us these pouches to review for free, despite this I have written a honest review that contains my own words and opinions and is 100% my own *

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