Tuesday 4 October 2011

10 Things I'm Glad I Know.

I have been passed the baton so to speak by Alexandra at Alive and Blogging to join in on the blogging fun by writing my own ’10 things’ list. I like her spin on the ’10 things’ list so will follow her lead and write my own ’10 things’ list like her as….

10 Things I’m glad I know.

1. That I speak Welsh. I am a proud Welsh woman and I am pleased that I am fluent in my native tongue of Welsh. I will admit I don’t speak or write Welsh as often as I would like but I love that I know Welsh. I love speaking Welsh to Tristan and want to teach him and enlighten him on his Welsh heritage. Lee has learnt a few words of Welsh and wants to learn more so he will know if mummy and Bug is taking about daddy behind his back.

2. That I know how great it is to use cloth nappies. I’ve always hoped to use cloth nappies if and when I had babies. When I was pregnant with Bug as his due date came closer I was grew apprehensive about the prospect of using them, worrying if it would just be too much work with washing dirty nappies on top of dealing with a newborn baby as a first time mummy. When Bug was born I set aside my worries and delved into the world of cloth nappies….I figured I might as well as I had already bought a set of cloth nappies. 6 months on we use them exclusively and I love them, even Lee loves them and he even insisted we use them when on a few days away instead of resorting to disposables. I love that I know the joy of using cloth, its great seeing lovely looking fluff on my little man’s bot and its fab knowing that using cloth we are being kind to Mother Nature too. I love that I know the World of beautiful fluff.
3. That I know how to swim. I love swimming and it was a big part of my childhood. I have fond memories of swimming, from the swimming team I was a member of and the fun of competition swimming meets to swimming in the sea. I absolutely love the sea, always have had a fondness for the sea and the creatures in it. I have brilliant memories of swimming in the sea off the many beautiful beaches on my doorstep, enjoying lovely warm days at the beach having bbq’s, swimming in the sea and having fun in dinghy’s….yes we do have some lovely warm days here in Wales in between all the rain. 

4. The wonder of being a mummy. You image you understand what its like to be a parent before you have your own baby but you truly do not understand the enormousness until you are a parent yourself. I feel like I have joined a secret club for mummies. Other parents just know what it’s like to have a baby and the joys and the difficulties of being a parent. I love that I now know about the world of motherhood. I have always wanted to have a baby and feel so over the moon that I am a mummy….I consider myself very lucky.

5. That I can drive. Where I live knowing how to drive is essential with public transport miles away and very sparse even if you do get to it. I love driving and felt so good when I passed my test years ago when I was seventeen. Since being with Lee I do drive less. Lee comes from a city so he never needed to drive as he used public transport or walked but when he moved here he passed his test. Whenever we go anywhere together he drives, it has just happened that way naturally and I love daddy driving our little family about.

6. That I can read. I love to read a variety of books, always have done. I grew up with a huge collection of books and enjoyed reading authors like Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton. I was and still am a huge bookworm. I love all genres and always have a book on the go. I love that I can just get lost in a good book, delve into the story and get transfixed by the words and the story comes alive in my imagination.

7. That I know the beauty of breastfeeding. I was adamant that when I had Bug that I would breastfeed him and even though it wasn’t easy at times in the beginning I love that I have breastfed him for 6 months and continue to do so. I feel the bond we have was reinforced through the hours we have spent together breastfeeding. I think it’s so beautiful and natural and I love that I know this experience. I will cherish forever the memory of breastfeeding him.

8. That when mothers tell you you’ll forget the pain of childbirth that they are telling the truth. I am now one of those mummies and its absolutely true. The pain is utterly forgotten and it is totally worth it to have your bundle of love in your arms. The elation of having your baby in your arms overrides any pain you experienced during childbirth. 

9. I’m glad I know the beauty of Wales. I consider myself lucky that I grew up in the beautiful Welsh countryside and have so many fond memories of enjoying the countryside. I spent so much of my childhood playing outdoors, walking through the wonderful woodlands, having fun on the stunning beaches, climbing trees and exploring the countryside. I hope that Bug has a great childhood like I did enjoying the outdoors and the beautiful countryside we have on our doorstep. I love enjoying the beauty that Wales has to offer with my little family.

10. That I know Lee. We have been together 21 months and I love having him in my life. He loves me for who I am and understands the true me. Knowing him has lead to our little family and together we have our beautiful son.

I believe the rule is that I now pass the baton to 5 others.

Enjoy x


  1. :) I shall do mine as soon as I can x oh and the name Tristan is great I love the fact that my son is called Tristan xx and also welsh :)

  2. I love the name Tristan and it's not often I hear it, nice to hear of other little one's called Tristan. I'll look forward to reading your list :)

  3. Great list! I was reading it saying 'yes! yes! I agree!' Especially number 4.
    And it's great that you can teach your bubs another language. We know a little bit of mandarin but don't speak it often enough to be any good at it! Thanks for playing :)

  4. Thanks Alexandra, I enjoyed playing....thanks so much for passing the baton on to me :)

  5. Love your list and agree with a lot of it. I don;t speak Welsh or live in Wales but I'm also glad I know how to drive, read, breastfeed, etc  and you are absolutely right aboout the pain of childbirth. I remember birth as being a fantastic thing but I'm sure I wasn't thinking 'how fantastic is this' at the time! :-)

  6. nice to hear of other little one's called Tristan