Thursday 27 October 2011

Gumigem Necklace Review.

I was recently offered the opportunity to review a Gumigem necklace and as Bug is currently teething this seemed the ideal time to test out the necklace. Since having Bug I no longer wear jewellery as he just wants to grab and chew on everything he can get his hands on so I was looking forward to testing a Gumigem necklace.

Gumigem is a family run business, created by Jenny McLaughlan who is a mum of two from Kellas in Scotland. Her second child was a big teether, it was during this time whilst on maternity leave that she came up with the idea of these teething necklaces. Months of research and development resulted in Gumgem, a company who make in the UK necklaces that are stylish for mums to wear and safe for teething. Gumigem’s necklaces are made from a similar material to most teethers and they are free from PVC, BPA, Lead, Latex and Phathalte, are CE safety marked and the silicone used meets FDA standards. As they can withstand high temperatures, the necklaces are suitable for all types of sterilisation so you can be reassured that you can keep them squeaky clean for your little ones mouth to munch on. These necklaces are designed for mums to wear; babies should not wear these necklaces and should be supervised at all times when chewing on them and should not be left unattended with the necklace.

Jenny gave me the choice of all of her necklaces and I must admit it was very hard to choose as there are so many lovely colours and designs to choose from. After much deliberation I decided on the Nebula raindrop necklace, blue is my favourite colour and I love a hint of sparkle. The necklace arrived in a lovely little organza silver bag which is a nice touch. My first impressions were how stunning the necklace is; it looks even nicer than in the picture and it is really beautiful. It is a gorgeous shimmering blue and in some lights it even has a purple hint to it. From a distance it looks like glass or stone and it is truly attractive. I love wearing it.

The raindrop is very bendy and flexible. It is thinner than I expected and I think I would feel more reassured that it would not break when Bug was munching on it if it was a tad thicker. The raindrop comes on a black cord, I like that it is black as it goes with everything but personally I would prefer the cord to be softer. Also I personally would prefer a longer cord, if you like a longer necklace like myself you can however purchase a longer cord on Gumigem’s website. I like that the necklace has a breakaway clasp for safety that will simply release the necklace if tugged on hard however the barrel clasp is quite bulky and not very attractive but it is better than being strangled and it is great that this extra safety is included in the design.

Bug enjoyed chewing on the raindrop and it seemed to satisfy his need to chew. It was nice not having to worry about him chewing on jewellery knowing that it is safe for babies to chew on especially as it is made of similar material as conventional teethers. I breastfeed Bug and lately he is getting a pain tugging and scratching at anything he can reach, when I was wearing this necklace he played with it instead and was a lot calmer. It is a great distraction when breastfeeding and it also occupies and keeps his attention when out and about. It is always there when he needs to chew on something and he definitely chewed, sucked and dribbled on it when he wanted to. I am happy for him to chomp on it to his hearts content and I am happy that at times it soothes his sore gums. It is lovely to wear jewellery again and look stylish wearing a very beautiful necklace.

I would recommend Gumigem especially for mums who used to love wearing jewellery but no longer do since having babies because of worrying about their little ones tugging and chewing on necklaces. It is an innovative solution to accessorizing and teething, as well as being a great teething accessory I personally found it very handy as a nursing necklace. These teething necklaces have a dual function and accommodates both a mums need to be stylish and a babies need to chew on something for relief of teething symptoms. I think Gumigem’s necklaces would make a thoughtful gift as they are practical and stylish. For a multipurpose item that is very beautiful I think the Gumigem necklaces are good value for money.

This Nebula raindrop pendant can be purchased on Gumigem’s online shop for £12.50. On their website there is a huge range of different colours and there is also a choice of pendant designs. The raindrop, disc and heart pendants can be purchased for £12.50 whilst the lightning pendants which are ideal for molars can be bought for £10.00. Also on their website you can buy combo deals, bandana bibs, amber teething necklaces and teething survival packs which includes a pendant, bandana bib and Nelsons teetha, the mini pack costs £20.00 I think the survival packs are a great idea. Gumigem can be found on twitter and they also have a Facebook page where you can keep up-to-date with new products and offers.

* Gumigem kindly gave us this necklace to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions and is 100% my own *

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  1. Would it not get babies used to chewing mummies necklaces?