Saturday 15 October 2011

Little day out.

It’s been a lovely day here today, beautiful and sunny. I really fancied a little family outing especially as it was so lovely I didn’t fancy just sitting around all day indoors and wasting the day away. We got ready and off out we went in our little car.

I said to Lee that I just wanted to go somewhere as a family and enjoy a few hours together and that he could decide where to go. We ended up at a town called New Quay…no we did not go as far as the one in Cornwall but to the lovely, beautiful one on the coast of West Wales. The Welsh name for the town is Cei Newydd.

I don’t often go to New Quay especially as it gets very busy with tourists in the summer so it was lovely to go there today. With the nice weather there were lots of families enjoying the beach but thankfully it wasn’t too busy to spoil a lovely, quiet day out. We headed down the narrow streets from the car park towards the beach with Bug snuggled up in my sling having a little nap. I got settled down on the beach with Bug and Lee treated me to a bag of chips…..he’s lucky I’m such a cheap date ;-)
Bug loved watching the waves with his daddy and exploring the beach together. Its amazing to think that next year Bug will be walking and as I sat watching another little family with their little ones running about and enjoying the beach I was imagining our little family enjoying the beautiful beaches next year with Bug running about with his silly daddy. I can’t wait!!

Whilst we were at the beach we also saw a couple of dolphins. I love dolphins and we spoke about taking a trip when Bug is a little older on one of the boat trips along Cardigan Bay to see the dolphins.

I really enjoyed today and I think the sea air must have got to Bug as he is now fast asleep.

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