Monday 10 October 2011

Weleda Calendula Weather Protection Cream Review.

I was over the moon when the lovely people at Weleda offered to send me their Calendula Weather Protection Cream to test and review. With the colder weather arriving fast and Bug’s constant dribbling from his teething I was pleased to be testing this cream to see if it would help protect my little man’s skin.

For 90 years, since 1921, Weleda have been making natural health products to help restore and maintain well being. Over the years Weleda has developed into a worldwide endeavour that provides a vast array of products that are all natural.

Weleda is a great company with fantastic values and ethics. Their company motto “In harmony with nature and the human being” highlights their values and how they aim to ensure that their actions are good to their customers and employees as well as ensuring love and respect for nature. They aim to be kind to nature by enhancing the positive and reducing the negative effects they have on our planet. Their values and ethics are at the heart of everything they do.

Weleda only use natural ingredients in their products, there is NO synthetic preservatives, fragrances of chemicals. The natural ingredients they use are organically and biodynamically cultivated and to ensure that they remain highly effective and maintain their inherent potency, Weleda harvest the natural ingredients quickly and take exceptional care of them as they are processed as little as possible.

The Weleda Calendula Weather Protection Cream is as the name suggests a cream that offers intensive protection to the skin against drying winds or cold, wet weather. It is dermatologically tested for use on sensitive skin being perfect for protecting baby’s delicate skin and is great for the entire family to use to protect and help care for skin and lips of both babies and adults. The Weleda Calendula Weather Protection Cream is part of the Weleda Baby range and it is suitable for use from birth onwards. The cream is suitable for vegetarians and the product and its ingredients are not tested on animals.

The cream is specially formulated to provide a natural yet effective barrier against the elements whilst also nourishing the skin. It is made with the finest of ingredients; organic, precious sweet almond oil to nourish and protect, pure unbleached beeswax for extra weather protection and extracts of biodynamically grown Calendula flower to soothe and help the skin heal. Pure essential oils preserve the product naturally, avoiding the use of synthetic preservatives. 

Calendula is a golden pot of magic (common or pot marigold) and it’s famed for its skin-healing, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Calendula helps calm irritated, dry skin and it is used to treat countless skin conditions. Weleda grows the golden calendula flowers organically using Demeter-certified biodynamic methods to ensure the crop is of top quality for award winning results. Weleda’s website provides a wealth of information about calendula, its history and properties.

Weleda’s Calendula Weather Protection Cream is an award winning cream, having won the ‘Must Have’ award (2010-2011) in the Baby Lotion category of the prestigious and independent TIPS Awards backed by UK midwives. Here is what the judging panel had to say - “Weleda Baby Calendula Weather Protection Cream provides a skin-friendly barrier protection which is especially useful in the winter months when chapped lips and wind-swept faces are all too common. The 100% natural formulation is based on sweet almond oil, hypoallergenic lanolin and beeswax, with the trademark scent of calendula flower. This product is obviously useful for chapped hands and lips, but testers found many other uses for this innovative rescue remedy, including sore noses and weather damaged cheeks. Parents suggested this would be great for winter trips and outdoor activities. In fact so handy was this product that testers voted it a ‘Must-have’ award.”

Some tester comments -
* “This little tube was full of magic – what a lovely product!”
* “It sinks into your skin beautifully leaving you feeling like there is a barrier but without looking greasy or shiny”
* “Value for money as a tiny amount goes a long way”

TIPS Midwives Awards 2010
Midwife Sharon Trotter, founder of the TIPS midwife-tested awards, also has high praise for the product - "During the winter months it is easy for your baby's skin to become dry. This product is obviously great for chapped hands and lips, but our testers found many other uses for it, including sore noses and weather damaged cheeks. Parents suggested this would be great for winter trips and outdoor activities. In fact so handy was this product that testers voted it a TIPS Must-have."

Not only is the Calendula Weather Protection cream great for little ones but mums can also use it to protect their own skin from the elements. Additionally, this cream can also be used as a fabulous secret beauty weapon for mummy’s to enhance the “yummy mummy” look and enhance their skin and make-up, in fact many beauty professionals use it as an indispensable ‘tool of the trade’ to achieve beautiful results. Distinguished make-up artist Hannah Maxwell has found innovative uses for this cream and relies on this great little all rounder - “It's my favourite Weleda product. It cuts down on buying lots of products, it's so versatile. I use it instead of a typical eight-hour cream. I use it for actors' lips instead of a balm, eyelids to give sheen, and to soften cuticles. I mix it with lipsticks to create glossy sheer lip colours without stickiness, and with lip stains they give a better consistency without drying. I mix it with pale eye shadows and blushers to highlight brow bones and cheekbones - try this mix on cheeks, blending into a lovely soft translucent blusher. And don't forget to use it to slick those brows into place! I can't live without it.”

I love this time of year, the colours and richness of the autumn is beautiful. I enjoy spending time outdoors, it is so lovely to go for a walk appreciating the beauty of the countryside and feeling the crisp air against your skin. Even though Bug is still young I want him to enjoy the outdoors and especially when he is older to be out and about exploring and having fun and as the year progresses from autumn to Winter to be enjoying climbing trees, splashing in puddles and playing in the snow. I believe children should enjoy being outside at all times of the year, connecting with nature and the world around them, exploring and enjoying the different weathers we have. Outside is an endless source of fascination for little minds and I believe children need to play out. When we go out with our little ones we wrap them in coats, scarves, gloves and warm hats to protect them from the weather…..what about protecting and caring for their skin that is still exposed, their sensitive little faces? Think about it in the summer you protect their skin with sun tan lotion so why not protect their skin from the cold weather too? This is when the Weleda Weather Protection Cream shines, perfect to protect your loved ones whilst they enjoy their childhoods. 

My first impression was how I liked the distinctive Weleda tube, lovely bright orange packaging. The 30ml tube is the perfect size to pop in your bag so you always have it when out and about. It’s simple to use, all you need is a pea size amount of the cream and you just apply gently where necessary. I think it is a wonderful cream, a nice thick consistency that spreads easily. It smells lovely and has the fresh smell of natural ingredients. The cream is very light and absorbs fast leaving an invisible, protective barrier on the skin but still allowing the skin to breath healthily.

I enjoy going for walks in the countryside with Bug and as the year is progressing the weather is getting colder and I have worried that it will take its toll on his skin. Since having this cream when we have gone on our walks I have simply applied the cream to his little face, protecting his little cheeks and even on days where it has been cold, biting winds or rain his skin remains lovely and soft. I feel reassured that I am protecting his skin and I think it would also be great if he has a sore nose from having a cold. Bug has been teething recently and he has had a little rash under his chin from constant dribbling but since I have been applying the cream to the affected area the rash has cleared up and the cream seems to be protecting his skin from the ill-affects of dribbling from teething. The cream has a lovely richness and absorbs into his skin and it seems to have a soothing, almost cooling affect on his sensitive skin. I love that it has helped heal his skin that was getting sore from his dribbling and it is now protecting his skin. I am very impressed that not only is this cream great for protecting against the weather but it also protects the skin in other ways too.

Not only is this cream great for Bug but I have also used it myself. I suffer from a touch of eczema on my hands and have found it has helped the dryness on my hands and has not irritated my sensitive skin at all. It really shines as a great product when your skin is suffering the ill effects of cold, harsh weather as it really helps protect your skin from the weather and it is ideal for chapped lips as it protects them from getting worse and allows them to heal and be soft and smooth once again. I love that this soothing cream is suitable for all the family, caring for sensitive and dry skin leaving it visibly smooth and supple.

This product provides excellent weather protection. I would highly recommend this cream and it will be an essential item in our household for many years to come. I feel reassured that Bug’s skin is protected whilst he is enjoying himself outside and it is also great for the rest of the family too.

You can purchase the Weleda Calendula Weather Protection Cream on their website for £6.95 for a 30ml tube. Weleda’s website is a wealth of information about the wide range of products they do that are natural for you and your little ones, the ingredients they use and their values. They also have a Weleda Baby UK facebook page and can be followed on twitter.

* Weleda kindly gave us this cream to review for free, despite this I have written a honest review that contains my own words and opinions and is 100% my own *


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  2. I use Calendula Weather Protection when I go mountaineering as my lips dry out terribly as can my cheeks and its wonderfully soothing/ protecting.  My mother always slathered it on us (Nelsons Calendula) as I was growing up and ive carried on the tradition with my own family!  

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