Tuesday 15 November 2011

Country Kids - Making Memories

I have lived in the country all of my life and grew up playing outdoors, enjoying the countryside on my doorstep.  My grandparents had a farm, which we lived on for a great chunk of my life and when we moved it was only a few miles away and we still spent a huge amount of time on the farm.  I have fond memories of playing outdoors; picking blackberries on the farm, climbing trees and making dens in the woods, building sandcastles on the beach and swimming in the sea, making mud pies, sledging in the snow….so many memories that I treasure.

Having been brought up to appreciate the countryside and having fun outdoors I hope to encourage Tristan (and any other children we have) to enjoy playing outdoors and have fun, making his own memories of a childhood enjoying the world.

I am lucky where we live; we have beautiful beaches, gorgeous countryside and beautiful woodlands.  I want Tristan to get the best out of where we live, we may not be close to big shops and city life but I hope from living here and encouraging an enjoyment for the outdoors that when he is older he will have an appreciation for the beautiful world we live in and some lovely memories.  It would sadden me if he didn’t spend time enjoying the outdoors as I feel that getting fresh air is important and I would hate for him to spend his childhood stuck indoors and glued to a games console or the TV. 

Tristan and Daddy by the sea in October

Hopefully as we have been spending time outdoors with Tristan from when he was born and will continue to do so he will enjoy the outdoors for many years to come and it will be a big part of his childhood.  I look forward to witnessing him playing outdoors through the different seasons and not only exploring outside but also making the most out of the different times of year, from sledging in the snow to jumping in puddles to exploring the woods in autumn as the leaves change colour and fall.  When Lee is working he has the car so Tristan and I can’t get to the beach but we go for walks through the fields or the small village we live in.

Mummy and Tristan at Cenarth Falls when Tristan was 2 months old

We make a point of enjoying time together as a family when Lee is not working by going to the beach or for a walk somewhere, it lovely to spend the day together outside enjoying the fresh air and Tristan is always tired out and calm when the day is done.  Tristan loves being in his sling watching the world go by and Lee loves taking photographs of the surroundings capturing the beauty, his photographs remind me of the lovely times we have had together.  I can’t wait till Tristan is older and can enjoy the outdoors in a more ‘hands on’ manner and I know that Lee is eagerly anticipating the day that Tristan kicks a ball about with daddy.

I am linking this post to the lovely Coombe Mill Country Kids blog hop who is promoting the benefits of a breath of fresh air from being outside, I haven’t got any pictures to show of us outside this week but I wanted to join in and show the memories we’ve captured whilst being outside as a little family.  Take a look at everyone else who has linked up showing the moments they’ve captured whilst being outside.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Lovely piece and looks like a gorgeous area.

  2. Very nice to read and brought back many memories of my own childhood in the countryside.

  3. What a magical write up! Thank you for sharing your outdoor childhood memories and lovely pictures of your beautiful boy. I think Tristan is a very lucky boy growing up there with you in such wonderful surroundings. I hope you will continue to take the camera out and about with you and share some more magic moments :)

  4. Thank you for such a great blog hop. It made me reminisce about my childhood and think about all the lovely things I hope to experience with Tristan outdoors as he grows. I hope to capture many more magic moments and memories over the years :)

  5. A lot of children seem to spend a lot of time in front of computers and games consoles nowadays, rather than spending time outdoors on bikes, in paddling pools and getting exercise. A lot of my childhood memories are from playing outdoors and finding things to do to amuse us. I lived in the countryside until I was 5 years old and still have some wonderful memories and would love to go back