Saturday 12 November 2011

Teething Troubles!!

I officially hate teething!!

Poor little Tristan has been suffering terribly over the last few days.  The usual teething aids and remedies are all to hand but just don’t seem to be easing his discomfort at the moment.  Teething powder, Weleda homeopathic teething granules, teething gel, organic monkey cheeky monkey cheek oil rub, amber teething necklace, teethers, calpol……over the last few days they have all been reached for at one time or another and are no longer easing his discomfort and cries of pain.

It breaks my heart to hear and see him cry in his sleep and all I want to do is take away his pain.  Anything he can get his hands on ends up in his mouth being angrily chewed on, his cheeks are all red and the dribble has stepped up a gear and there is copious amount of it.  So far there is no sign of any teeth just a whole amount of discomfort and symptoms.  I’ve been doing all I can to ease his discomfort and we’ve been having cuddles galore.  In spite of the horridness of teething he is a little champion and still gives his mummy beautiful smiles and fun times.  Fingers crossed this discomfort eases soon for my little monkey.

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