Tuesday 6 December 2011

Bulldog's Natural Skincare Products

Now the following review is not a pregnancy, baby or mummy product but a review perfect for daddies and the other men in our lives.  When I told Lee that Bulldog offered to send some of their skincare products for him to test he was looking forward to getting sent some products sent to him to test for a change. 

Bulldog is an all UK natural grooming company.  Founded in 2006 by Simon Duffy and Rhodri Ferrier, Bulldog is a small, independent company based in London.  Their male grooming products contain natural products and have been specifically formulated and designed for men.  Even though they may be considered the underdog compared to their competitors their brand of natural male grooming products that men can call their own is increasingly sought after and is now available nationwide in the UK and increasingly available overseas too.  Bulldog’s products are free from parabens, sodium laureth sulphate, artificial colours and synthetic fragrances; they are also animal friendly and are recognised by the BUAV and The Vegetarian Society.  They aim to make the male grooming market more environmentally friendly and as well as manufacturing all of their products in the UK minimising their carbon footprint their packaging is also recyclable.

Lee was sent 3 of Bulldog’s Natural Skincare for men products to test; their Original Face Wash, Original Face Scrub and Sensitive Moisturiser.  The packaging is manly and the design removes the feminine association that moisturising and cleansing products have, giving men their own products and confidence in using grooming products to care for their skin.  The products all come in a slick tube which is different to the majority of other male grooming products on the market and the tube is good as it doesn’t take up too much space in the bathroom.  The white of the packaging is crisp and clean and it is a nice change to the blues and black that fills the male skincare market.  The font is bold and strong and Lee likes how the ‘O’ has a bulldog face.  Lee likes how Bulldog aren’t using male models in their design or advertising, he loves the use of a Bulldog as the icon of the company as “man’s best friend” it represents loyalty and trustworthiness and that these products are aimed at ‘normal’ men.

Bulldog’s Original Face Wash is designed for men to be a gentle cleanser that refreshes skin, leaving it clean and free of dirt.  The wash is packed with their unique blend of 8 essential oils; Bergamot oil, Lemon oil, Armoise oil, Geranium oil, Patchouli oil, Lime oil, Tree Moss oil and Vetivert oil.  It also contains Green Tea extract which is an antioxidant that also helps gently cleanse the face.

The face wash has a rich, gel like consistency that has an amber tint to it.  The wash spreads nicely and foams well on wet skin, lifting up excess oil from your skin, leaving your skin feel refreshed and clean once the wash has been rinsed off.  Only a small amount of the face wash is needed to produce a thick, wonderful lather.  It does not cause any irritation or leave Lee’s skin feeling greasy; instead it awakens his skin and leaves it feeling soft.  The wash has a masculine smell to it, smelling crisp and fresh with the lovely scent of Bergamot and Green Tea being prominent but not overwhelming and a strong hint of a citrus smell that reminds me of lemon zest.  Lee has never really used face washes aimed for males before on a regular basis, only ever using regular soap or a bit of my face wash but this face wash has now become a constant in his bathroom routine and it is a bathroom staple being a delight to wash his face.  Lee loves this wash and he highly recommends it, I have noticed his skin looking healthier and invigorated since he has being using this face wash.  Bulldog’s Original Face Wash can be purchased for £5.19.

“Bulldog firmly believes that scrubbing isn’t a chore: it’s a talent” and have designed a face scrub “to remove dead and dried skin and promote new skin cell growth.”  Developed to gently exfoliate skin, Bulldog’s Original Face Scrub is also packed with a unique blend of 8 essential oils; Borage oil, Rosehip oil, Bergamot oil, Lemon oil, Armoise oil, Geranium oil, Patchouli oil, Line oil, Tree Moss oil and Vetivert oil.  The scrub also contains Pumice, Shea butter, Coconut shell and Green Tea extract.  The scrub contains different scrub textures with volcanic rock pumice providing the small scrub particles whilst the coconut shell provides larger exfoliating scrub particles.  Renowned for nourishing and soothing properties the addition of rosehip helps soothe exfoliated skin whilst the Shea butter is an excellent natural moisturiser.

Lee has never used a scrub before but found it easy to use by massaging a small amount of the scrub gently onto his face and then he usually leaves it on for a little while for the lovely natural ingredients to absorb into his skin before rinsing off.  The face scrub is a nice thick consistency that spreads fantastically, it feels gritty but not uncomfortable or too harsh to use.  The creamy scrub works well and is an ideal exfoliator; the addition of natural ingredients and 8 essential oils ensures the scrub is nourishing the skin whilst it gets rid of impurities.  Lee really likes this scrub especially as it is gentle enough for his sensitive skin but it also is rough enough to work and leave his skin smooth.  He has been using this scrub every so often and I have noticed a marked improvement in his skin, it looks healthier and is lovely and smooth after using this scrub in his skincare routine.  The face scrub compliments the face wash and can be purchased for £5.79.

Bulldog’s Sensitive Moisturiser  contains a blend of 2 essential oils; Cedarwood oil and Patchouli oil.  It also contains Green Tea extract which provides antibacterial properties and Vitamin E to protect and rejuvenate skin.

Lee has been using this moisturiser as part of his daily skincare routine, apply it evenly to his face and neck after cleansing; only a small amount is needed, it applies easily and absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving a greasy feel to the skin.  The moisturiser nourishes and replenishes the skin, leaving his skin feeling soft and moisturised and provides protection as his skin feels soft throughout the day even in this harsh cold weather his skin is no longer feeling dry.  It has a great, masculine scent which Lee really likes and I find very appealing, the blend of the two oils is lovely and I like the prominent smell of Cedarwood oil.  Lee loves this moisturiser and prefers it to other moisturisers on the market especially as his skin has benefited from the natural ingredients it contains.  This moisturiser can be purchased for £6.99.

Lee likes the products he was sent from Bulldog to test and they are now a part of his daily skincare routine, the products work well and he has come to love caring for his skin.  It’s great that the natural ingredients are nourishing the skin and using these products there is no harsh chemicals drying out and damaging skin.  I have noticed a great improvement in his skin tone and complexion and it is clear to see that his skin is benefiting from the unique essential oil blends and amazing natural ingredients.  Lee loves that Bulldog’s products are high quality products with a manly scent that work well and by consisting of natural ingredients and being made in the UK Bulldog’s eco-credentials are great too.  Lee also loves the icon of a Bulldog especially as it is the embodiment of British culture and he loves their style and quirky descriptions.   Lee is no spring chicken and he hasn’t made a great effort before to take care of his skin but the fact that there is a noticeable improvement since using these products it shows that it’s never to late to start looking after and protecting your skin and using these products will refresh and nourish your skin.  Give your skin a treat and take care of it with Bulldog male grooming products, they would also make a lovely gift for male loved ones being a breath of fresh air compared to the run of the mill male grooming products on the market.

Pop over to their website and meet the Bulldog to see their entire range of male grooming products and to purchase the products on their online shop.  Bulldog can also be found on twitter @bulldognatural and they also have a fabuolous facebook page where they have a weekly competition and you can find out more about Bulldog.

* Bulldog kindly sent Lee these male grooming products to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains mine and Lee’s own words and opinions and is 100% our own *


  1. I bought a set of Bull Dog products for my dad on Fathers day and he has been thrilled with the quality!!! Usually my dad just buys whatever toiletries are on offer at Sainsbury's, where my parents shop, but he says he could be hooked!  

    I am pleased he liked the set though as I always struggle to buy for my dad.  My mum has certain brands of toiletries that she always uses but my dad used to use any!

  2. These sound great.

  3. i use bulldog face wash and moisturiser myself after winning some, I thought it was great so have kept buying it :)

  4. I do love Bulldog products, and so does his grumpiness :-) I bought a toilet bag full of bulldog goodies for him last fathers day and he loved it so much that he's since asked for tops ups on his birthday and at Christmas. Only problem is that I now don't have as much room for my stuff on the bathroom shelf :-) @piperanddaisy 

  5. I'd not heard of these until I read about them on your blog. I've made a mental note to tell hubby when he gets home. Thank you for bringing them to my attention. :-)