Tuesday 3 January 2012

Yoomi Self-Warming Bottle Review

We were recently contacted by the lovely Abbie from Yoomi who offered to send us their Yoomi bottle to review.  I was looking forward to testing this bottle because I am always looking for products that make life as a parent easier and I was keen to see if their self warming bottle could make life a little easier for busy parents.

Yoomi was created in the UK by a mum and dad, Farah and Jim, who were inspired to design this self warming bottle as a solution to stumbling around in the middle of the night warming a bottle to the correct temperature and the difficulty in warming bottles when out and about.  Using Farah’s idea and Jim’s engineering skills, along with help from friends and family and expert advice Yoomi was born; the first ever self-warming baby bottle that warms baby’s feed in just 60 seconds.

We were sent an 8oz bottle with limited edition Red collar (10% of all red collar sales are being donated to Tamba, a charity dedicated to helping families who raise multiple babies).  The bottle came in their prominent bright yellow packaging that instantly catches your attention.  The bottle is a great shape and easy to hold.  The warming unit is very intriguing; it looks very futuristic and space-like.

To make this bottle miraculously heat your baby’s feed at the touch of a button to the natural temperature of breast milk in just 60 seconds you have to first charge the warmer before every use.  To charge the warmer you need to place it on its side in pan of boiling water and boil for 25 minutes (alternatively you can put it in an electric steam steriliser for the same amount of time adding more water than you normally use).  After the warmer has been charged for 25 minutes you need to leave it to cool for 75 minutes before it can be used.  Once charged the warmer stays charged until needed….we left it over 24 hours to see if it would warm the milk the same as being used straight after being recharged and it worked perfectly.  This unique warming unit can be recharged up to 100 times.

How to use once the warming unit is charged.

Milk is gently warmed as it flows
through the specially designed
channels on the outside of the
warmer.  The milk is at natural
breast milk temperature by
the time it reaches the teat.

After you have charged the warmer and allowed it cool for the required time you simply fill the bottle with milk, place the warmer inside the teat and screw onto the bottle before magically warming your baby’s feed to the correct temperature at the push of a button.  To make this little magic trick work, simply push the orange button on the warming unit and wait 30 seconds until the button turns blue, then put the cap on the bottle and turn the bottle upside down for 30 seconds allowing the teat to fill with milk.  Voil√†!!  You can now feed your baby their milk at the perfect temperature with the milk being heated as it passes over the warming unit into the teat. 

Even though it takes a long time to recharge the warmer I found it simple to do.  The first time I used the bottle I did think I had done something wrong as I could not prominently see the button turn from orange to blue but over time I have gotten used to using the warmer and it works a treat.  I was dubious that the futuristic looking warmer would manage to warm the milk at a push of a button but amazingly every time it works perfectly.  I like how the warming unit works for 60 minutes so that you’ve got plenty of time per feed.

This new bottle looks interesting.

Yoomi helps prevent colic.
Tristan feeds well from this bottle and I love how it warms the milk to the same temperature as natural breast milk which means he is getting his expressed milk at the same temperature he is used to when feeding straight from the breast.  The natural shaped, super soft teat means he latches on easily making the transition from feeding from the breast to bottle feeding easy and problem free; this bottle is ideal for exclusively bottle feeding, combination feeding or making the move from breast to bottle.  I love that the six anti-colic vents enable a more comforting feeding experience which is perfect for little ones who suffer with colic and great for parents as the bottle helps make feeding a better experience in more than one way.

I think this bottle is great for feeding when you don’t have access to warm water and your little one does not take a feed unless it has been warmed; it’s handy for feeding out and about, quick and simple for night feeding and perfect for travel.  The only downside is the time it takes to recharge the warmer and as you have to recharge after each use I would recommend getting a few warmers so you’ll always have one ready to use.  This bottle is time consuming to prepare to enable easy heating for your baby’s feed and for tired parents whose spare time is precious I could see it being difficult to remember to recharge the warmer after every feed but it is simple to charge and I think this bottle is ideal for parents who plan ahead.  I can find no faults with this bottle apart from the recharging time issue, I think this innovative and creative product would be even better is the recharging timing could be reduced.

The warmer is safe.
I feel reassured that all Yoomi parts are 100% BPA free and have undergone extensive testing by experts and meet the highest safety standards.  The warming unit contains a gel which is non-toxic and for added safety a food grade colourant had been added so that any leaks are noticeable and Bitrex has also been added which is a safe but bitter substance that ensures if a leak does occur your little one won’t swallow any of the solution.  I really like the fact that Yoomi cannot overheat baby's feed which gives peace of mind that it is safe and baby won't get exposed to unsafe temperatures.

I would recommended this bottle to parents as it is the answer to easily warming your little ones feed to perfect milk temperature and it does make life easier taking the stress out of heating bottles and saving time when your little one is due their feed but you really do need to be organised as preparation is definitely the key with this bottle.

Yoomi is available in 5oz and 8oz bottles with slow, medium and fast teats; all items including the warmer are interchangeable and the bottle can be used with or without the warming unit.  Sets are available to purchase as well as additional warmers.  The 8oz Yoomi bottle with warmer can be purchased on their online shop for £23.50, which does cost more than other bottles but you get the fabulous technology of warming your baby’s feed at the touch of a button making life a little easier and stress-free for this price.  Yoomi have a facebook page and can be followed on twitter @yoomibottle.  Their website is packed with useful information and to be the first to receive information on new products and exclusive discounts you can join the Yoomi Family.

* Yoomi kindly sent us this bottle to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions and is 100% my own *

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