Wednesday 28 March 2012

Halos N Horns Baby Moisturising Lotion Review

Tristan’s skin is delicate and soft and I do my best to protect and nourish his skin and to use product that don’t contain too many harsh chemicals.  When I was offered the opportunity to review Halos N Horns Baby Moisturising Lotion I was keen to see if it would be good for my little man’s skin.

Halos N Horns make skincare for “sensitive souls” and their Baby Moisturising Lotion for "Angelic Souls" is specifically designed for babies and children.  They are committed to making products that are free from nasty chemical because as they say “you wash your little angels to get rid of nasties not put more on” and as such their products are mild and gentle for delicate skin, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested..  Halos N Horns recommend avoiding all skincare products for the first month of a new baby’s life.

Halos N Horns Moisturising Lotion
Their Baby Moisturising Lotion is made with naturally derived moisturises plus Vitamin E and Sunflower Oil that helps protect and condition your little angel’s skin.  Halos N Horns give parents a “Top Tip: For baby soft skin, simply massage the Baby Moistursing Lotion gently into baby’s skin after bathing or changing, or when their skin needs a little extra moisturising.” 

The Baby Moisturising Lotion comes in an eye-catching bright yellow tube.  The lotion easily squeezes out of the tube for use and it is a great consistency to rub into his skin, with it not being too thick and not too runny.  The lotion dries quickly and it doesn’t leave skin feeling slippery due to its hypoallergenic non-greasy formula.

The moisturising lotion helped keep Tristan’s skin soft and smooth; it nourishes his skin which feels soft long after applying the lotion.  Tristan has sensitive skin which can get irritated by certain product but I am pleased to say this body lotion hasn’t irritated his skin at all which I think is due to the fact that it is free from nasty chemicals such as Parabens, SLS, SLES, Pthalates, Tricolosan, Propylene Glycol and Methlisothiazoline.  The body lotion smells lovely, it is a light, fresh smell that is not overpowering and leaves Tristan smelling scrumptious.  I love the fact that the fragrance has been dermatologically tested so you have the peace of mind that it is safe for your child’s sensitive skin.

We have been using this moisturising lotion after baths for massages and I think his skin benefits from using this moisturiser which is ideal for a little pampering massage.  Tristan loves his massages with this lotion and it is the only time my little man stays still, he even rubs it in himself on his belly as he lays there having a relaxing massage, calming him down ready for bed.

I highly recommend this moisturising lotion and love that they avoid using known irritant skin care ingredients giving me, as a parent, peace of mind that it is gentle for my little man’s beautiful skin.  I have even used it myself and it works brilliantly, improving my skin’s softness.  It definitely leaves skin soft, nourishing and protecting whilst making your skin smell delightful.

Halos N Horns Baby Moisturising Lotion can be purchased for £4.07 for a 250ml tube which is a tad pricey but the fact that it has no nasty chemicals and is such a lovely product which helps nourish and protect your child/children’s skin makes it worth paying a little extra for and a little really does go a long way making it good value for money.  They also make fun and affordable bubble baths, shower gels and shampoos for babies and children that are made from natural ingredients and don’t contain any nasty chemicals, their range of products can be seen on their website.  To be one of the first to know about exclusive news, offers and new products join their Parenting Panel, as a member you get a 20% off discount voucher to use to buy their products.  You can also keep up to date with Halos N Horns by becoming a fan on facebook and following them on twitter @HalosNHorns.

A little about Halos N Horns.

Halos N Horns Logo

Halos N Horns founder Leila Wilcox decided to make her range of babies’ and children’s toiletries that are free from chemical nasties after her son suffered skin reactions following bath times which she felt happened due to nasty chemicals found in a lot of products that she had previously been using.  After cutting out the chemicals that she believed to be the irritating culprits of her son’s skin reactions she found his skin improved and instead of the red and blotchy reactions he had been having his skin was once again clear and soft.  Leila found it extremely difficult to find products that were free from the chemicals so she decided to start a company and make them herself so that parents could buy toiletries for their little ones that were free from chemical nasties without having to go to specialist shops.  Leila founded Halos N Horns on Channel 4’s show Make Me  A Million and today her range of babies’ and children’s toiletries free from chemical nasties can be bought on the high street helping parents do the best for their children and be kind to their angelic skin. 

Halos N Horns make lovely, beautifully smelling, brightly coloured toiletries for little ones that are free from chemical nasties and all of their bath time products are made with natural conditioners and plant-derived cleansing ingredients  so that they are gentle on your little angel’s skin.  They never use known skin irritants and nasty chemicals in their products, including parabens, pthalates, SLS and SLES.

Halos N Horns are committed to working with the best experts and work with the award winning midwife, baby skincare advisor and founder of TIPS Ltd and TIPS Award Scheme, Sharon Trotter who provides parents with articles and top tips for baby skin care on the Halos N Horns website.

* Halos N Horns kindly sent us this moisturising body lotion to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions *

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