Friday 11 May 2012

Asda Baby and Toddler Event Goodies

After writing about Asda’s Baby and Toddler Event, Asda offered to send me a few samples of products they have on offer during the event. 

We were sent a Munchkin Baby Shape Sorter bath toy, a Munchkin Mighty Grip cup, Heinz Mum’s Own Meals Juicy Apricot Chicken and Rice meal, Heinz fruit smoothies and Organix Goodies Organic Raisins and Chopped Apricots toddler snack.

Little man has already had lots of fun in the bath with the Munchkin Baby Shape Sorter bath toy.  It is a lovely bright green turtle with colourful shapes that fit through different holes on the turtle.  I think this toy is great as it will not only entertain little man when he is having splishy splashy fun in the bath but it will also help his hand eye co-ordination and encourage learning shapes and colours.  This Munchkin Baby Shape Sorter bath toy can be purchased during the Asda Baby and Toddler Event for £5.00.

The Munchkin Mighty Grip 10oz straw cup is very colourful and I like how it is specially contoured for easy grip and perfectly designed for little toddler hands.  Little man has not used a straw cup before and has only used Tommee Tippee cups up until now so I am keen to see how he gets on with his new cup.  This cup can be purchased during the event for £2.00 and is available in two different colours; blue and red or pink and yellow.

Even though little man was already eating before 6 months of age following our Health Visitor’s advice as soon as we reached 6 months we ditched the baby food and veered more towards Baby Led Weaning. As we decided to go down that route in little man’s journey with food he quickly progressed to feeding himself and eating a variety of different foods.  He now eats the same food we have and has no problems eating lumps and chunks of food, no pureed or lumpy baby food needed as he easily devours everything from meat to fish to vegetables to fruit…the list goes on and on.  He has never chocked and never had a problem chewing food.  As he eats this way I don’t buy ‘baby/toddler’ food apart from snacks. Little man hasn’t tried the Heinz Mum's Own Meals Juicy Apricot Chicken and Rice meal yet but at first glance it does look a lot more pureed than he is used to and I will most probably mix it with some more rice when he has it.  I do like the fact though that it contains no added preservatives, artificial colours, flavours, added salt or GM ingredients.  The Heinz Mums Own Tray Meals’ can be purchased during the Asda baby and toddler event for the discounted price of £1.00.

We were also sent 2 Heinz fruit smoothies.  As little man loves his fruit and does enjoy homemade smoothies I am sure these will go down a treat.  I like the fact that they are filled with fruity goodness with no added sugar and that they are a great way for little ones to get 2 of their 5 a day.  These smoothies are currently available from Asda on a 2 for £1.00 offer with two varieties available; a Pear and Apple smoothie and an Apricot and Pear smoothie.

Little man is on the go all the time as such he eats a lot and enjoys snacks to keep his energy topped up for all the mischievous adventurous he has so the Organix Goodies Organic Raisins and Chopped Apricots for toddlers was perfect for little man.  They come in individual 18g bags that contain 1 portion of a child’s 5 a day, making for a quick and healthy snack for toddlers.  I like the fact that they have no artificial additives or added sugar.  These Organix Goodies can be purchased from Asda for £1.00.

There are lots of offer products and offers available at Asda during their Baby and Toddler Event which runs until the14th of May.  I mentioned a few of the offers they have on during this event in my post about the Asda Baby and Toddler Event and many offers can be seen on the Asda website on the Baby and Toddler Event page.

As an extra special treat during this baby event, Asda Baby is running a prize giveaway on their Facebook page where a different prize will be given away every day.  To enter like their facebook page and click on the Baby Event Giveaway app.

As I mentioned before Asda Pharmacies are offering free folic acid to women who are trying to conceive and pregnant women, more details about this initiative can be read on my post about the Asda Free Folic Acid initiative or by reading about it on Asda’s news section on Your Asda.  If you are trying to conceive or are currently pregnant go to Asda’s Pharmacy to get free Folic Acid and a Healthy Pregnancy Guide produced by the baby charity Tommy’s.

* Asda kindly sent us these samples for free *


  1. Now our little man is here, I've enjoyed the event even more! We've especially stocked upon the baby wipes that are on offer! 

  2. It's great to be able to stock up on necessities when they are on offer.  Hope your little man is doing well :)