Thursday 10 May 2012

Little Charley Bear plush toy review

As Tristan has a fondness for cuddly teddy bears and loves watching Little Charley Bear I jumped at the chance of reviewing a Little Charley Bear toy.

The Fun Sounds Little Charley Bear toy is a gorgeous plush toy that is suitable for children aged 2+.  As it is aimed at children aged 2+ I had intended to give this cute little bear to Tristan’s little cousin however little man had other plans.  I just couldn’t keep little man away from him and he was even trying to hold the bear before I’d even got him out of the box and once he got his hands on the little bear there was no chance he was giving him back!!  As Tristan loves this bear so much I have let him have the bear and I have been keeping a close eye on him when he is playing with the bear making sure he doesn’t get his little paws on the voice box inside little bear.

Little Charley Bear is incredibly soft and little man loves to cuddle him.  The bear is well made and even having a voice box inside the bear does not prevent it from being very huggable and soft.  Not only is this Little Charley bear toy a gorgeous and luxuriously soft teddy bear but he is also an interactive and entertaining teddy bear too.

With a touch of Little Charley Bear’s tummy little ones are in the magical World of Little Charley Bear as they hear magical noises and favourite phrases such as “Are you there Charley Bear?”  Little man got all excited when he first heard Little Charley Bear talk and he often does a little dance to the magical sounds.  I love that this bear is interactive as it encourages imaginative play and sound recognition, making this gorgeous bear more entertaining for little ones than standard teddy bears.  Little man has on occasion been able to push the bear’s tummy himself to make Little Charley Bear talk and as he plays more and more with the bear he is getting better at making little bear talk.  I think it’s great that making Little Charley Bear talk and make sounds can easily be done by small hands but it isn’t too sensitive that it is making sounds at the slightest touch or if little man is laid on the little bear.

I think this luxuriously soft Little Charley bear toy is adorable and very entertaining for little ones and perfect for Little Charley bear fans.  For such as well made, cuddly bear that is also interactive I think he is great value for money with a RRP of £17.99 and he can currently be purchased for the even better price of £12.99 on Amazon.

As well as this plush Little Charley Bear toy there is also a new Little Charley Bear DVD to be had.  The new DVD, Charley on Safari was released on the 7th May.  Charley on Safari features six new exciting episodes and the DVD even comes with a little charley bear toy.  This DVD can be purchased on Amazon.

For more information about Little Charley Bear see his website where you can watch clips of the show, play games and find exciting things to do.  You can also make friends with Little Charley Bear on facebook.

A little about Little Charley Bear.
Little Charley Bear is a playful and imaginative bear that uses his imagination to play and goes on adventures learning about himself and the world through active role play.  This enchanting CGI series is aimed at little ones up to 4 years.  Little Charley Bear is a modern animation which inspires imagination, discovery and creativity.  

* We were kindly sent this Little Charley Bear toy to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions *


  1. Tristan looks SO happy with Little Charley Bear. There's no better endorsement than that! Thanks for the review.

  2. Daisy has got a little charley bear too and we often play pretend (just like Charley Bear does) and Daisy will sit in her toybox pretending to drive a car or fly a plane while I'm sitting there saying 'whre are you off to today little Charley Bear and Daisy?' I think it;s really important to let them use their imagination and Charley Bear certainly encourages this. 

  3. He loves his little charley bear.  If my little man loves something then I'm a very happy mummy :)

  4. Awww bless her how adorable!!  Sounds like she has lots of fun with Little Charley Bear.  I agree it's really important to let little ones use their imagination :)

  5. Stephanie Tsang25 May 2012 at 09:13

    Thanks for the charley bear review. My daughter loves watching charlie bear. 

  6. Dying to get my hands on a plush charley. Where did you all buy yours??