Saturday 5 May 2012

Water - See It, Snap It, Love It

This week's theme for Dear Beautiful Boy's weekly See It, Snap It, Love It photography challenge is water.  If I had to choose a theme I would have chosen water too so I am pleased that it is this week's theme.

I love water and Mother Nature has created some stunning rivers, waterfalls and oceans which are beautiful and amazing.  I have always been fascinated by the oceans and the creatures who inhabit them.  I love the sound of running water, the sound of a river flowing is a calming noise and there is nothing quite like being curdled up at home listening to the sound of the rain outside. Not only does water look and sound great but it has other amazing qualities too, it replenishes us and gives life to plants and animals.

With so many beautiful examples of water to be had it was hard to decide what to capture for this week especially with there being water everywhere with all the rain we have been having.

Tristan is a little water baby.  He loves having a bath and splish splashing having lots of fun playing in the water.  He gets all excited when he realises its bath time and I love this time, seeing him enjoy splashing in the bath and playing with his bath toys.


Lee has captured some lovely photographs at our favourite beach (where he proposed to me) of the river that flows to the sea.  I just had to include 2 of my personal favourites.


  1. love them. especially the calm rockpools

  2. beautiful droplets in the bath - make me want to give this type of shot a try ! lovely 

  3. Thanks I love that picture too, it's actually just a close up of the river :)

  4. Thanks.  I took loads of pics hoping to catch a few good ones, Tristan had lots of splishy splashy fun as I tried to get a good shot.  Defo give it a try yourself :)