Wednesday 22 May 2013

Wild weather....fingers crossed for some nice weather.

As I sit here looking out the window the day is looking drab and the weather far from lovely.  This month here we have had all manners of weather; from blue skies and sunshine to grey clouds and drab days to dark skies and thunder storms to torrential rain and wild winds to hail and freezing winds. 

We have only been fortunate to have a handful of sun filled days this month and I am yearning for a lovely sunny days where I can bask up the sun’s rays and enjoy a lovely country walk in the heat of the sun.  On the rare days when the sun has been shining bright I have made the most of the lovely weather and headed out with Bug for country walks, having little adventures in the great outdoors.

With a lack of dry days I have been struggling to dry our clothes and Bug’s cloth nappies.  As I try to be environmentally friendly I rarely use our tumble dryer, only ever using it in cases of emergency when I desperately need to get something dry ASAP or to give towels and clothes a quick spin in tumble dryer for a few minutes to soften them.  With the lack of dry days for drying clothes and nappies outside and my reluctance to use the tumble dryer our inside washing line and clothes horse has been very busy.

On a number of days this month the morning has started with the sun shining bright and the sky looking a beautiful bright blue.  Hoping for at least a dry day if not a dry and sunny day I have hung out the washing, attempting to make the most of a dry day and get some of the laundry dry in the freshness of outside.  On a number of occasions not long after the washing has been hung on the line outside the weather has taken a turn for the worse and the dryness of the day is driven away as the rain hits hard.  Hearing and seeing the rain thundering down I have had to rush out and rescue the washing from a complete soaking, getting soaked myself as I hurry to get the washing in.

I was more than a little surprised when on one of the days that I had to rush out to save the washing from getting soaked with the rain that was pouring down, as I got outside I was hit with a powerful shower of hail.

Even though we have had a lack of sun filled days, with most days being rainy ones, we have had a number of windy dry days with the sun hiding behind grey clouds in the dull sky.  Normally I am not bothered by windy, dull weather with a lack of sun or even a bit of rain, not being deterred to go on a walk by the weather, wrapping up warm to still be able to go for a walk in spite of the weather.  However lately I have been feeling a little under the weather myself and not been tempted to brave the weather and go for a walk in whatever weather Mother Nature has for us that day.  Regardless of wrapping up warm to go for walk on windy dry days, the times we have gone for a walk on these days the chill of the wind and coldness of the dull day has chilled me to the bone and left me with no desire to go for a walk or a little adventure outdoors with Bug.

Thankfully we have had the odd day where the sun has been shining and the day has not been too cold to venture out for an adventure and on the days when the weather has been wild and off-putting Bug and I have had lots of indoor fun; having fun playing, getting creative and messy indoors and cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Even though we have filled the days when the weather has been wild with indoor fun I am hoping that the weather gets consistently nicer and we have less days filled with temperamental weather, with days filled with sun and blue skies so that Bug and I can once again enjoy the great outdoors to it fullest.  Fingers crossed for some nice weather and that the dull yet dry day we have today stays dry so that the clothes I hung outside this morning dry in the wind and are not soaked by torrential rain.

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