Thursday 13 June 2013

Father's Day inspiration for retro gaming dads.

With Father’s Day fast approaching I have been browsing the internet for creative gift ideas for Bug to make for his daddy as well as looking to see if I can find any interesting, original gifts that we could buy.  

Normally daddy only gets treated to handmade gifts and small, affordable gifts for Father’s Day but with daddy being extra busy at work and hardly home of late due to lots of overtime I thought it would be nice to treat him to an extra special gift this year.  Even though I know he loves the handmade gifts Bug makes him and cherishes the love that has been put into lovely sentimental gifts made by his son’s fair hands I thought it would be nice to see if we could get him a gift that he could use on the rare moments he has at home, providing him with a way to relax and enjoy during his downtime.

Another reason I thought it would be nice to get him a thoughtful gift that he could enjoy when he gets home after a late shift when he is winding down after work is that it could be a combined Father’s Day and Anniversary gift as it is mine and Lee’s Anniversary this upcoming week.

If money was no objection I would love to get him a gaming console, in particular I know he would love a PlayStation 3 as he misses his old one and being able to chill of a night and play a few of his favourite games.  Unfortunately buying a PlayStation 3 is not possible at the moment with it being a tad too expensive for us so I decided to browse the internet for some inspiration and look for some competitions to enter for the chance to win a gaming console in the hope of getting lucky and being able to gift a win of a gaming console to Lee at a later date.

Whilst browsing for Father’s Day gift ideas, in particular ones for dads who love gaming and looking for gaming competitions to enter I stumbled across the perfect Father’s Day inspiration for Bug’s daddy.  I found a fab competition to win an amazing 80’s retro gaming bundle hosted by MusicMagpie.  As Lee is a huge fan of gaming and often talks about the games he loved to play back in the good old days when he was not so old young I know he would love this 80’s retro gaming bundle of an Arcade Classic Wireless Mega Drive, a Nintendo Entertainment System Console, an Atari Flashback 3 console plus lots of other goodies including cute plush soft toys that Bug would adore.

I have entered the competition in the hope of winning and have my fingers well and truly crossed for a win.  Not only would I love to win the bundle for my gaming fanatic fiancée but I am also eyeing up the Nintendo Entertainment System console as I am a huge Nintendo fan and would love to have a play on it myself.  If you fancy entering the competition yourselves for the chance to win an amazing 80’s retro gaming bundle (perhaps to gift to me….wink wink) there is still plenty of time as it does not close until the 21st of June and entry is simply a matter of following @musicMagpie on twitter and retweeting the competition tweet.

Even though I hope to win this competition thankfully it has inspired the Father’s Day gift Bug and I will be getting for his daddy.  As I know Lee is a huge fan of gaming and all things retro, especially retro games I think it would be a fantastic idea to get him either an Arcade Classic Wireless Mega Drive or an Atari Flashback 3 console for him which can be bought on Amazon and at Argos.  Not only will he be able to play some games from back in the day and relieve some good old gaming memories but both are an affordable gift option for us with both being under £40.

With our main Father’s Day gift sorted Bug and I now plan on getting creative and making a sweet sentimental gift and a lovely homemade card ready for Sunday.

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