Tuesday 30 July 2013

NHS Direct Wales helpline......health advice a phone call away.

A few weeks ago whilst Lee was at work Bug was under the weather.  After being a touch grumpy for a couple of days previously he took a turn for the worse and a trip to the doctors was called for.  Whilst phoning our doctors for an appointment I realised that with it being a Wednesday afternoon they were closed. 

As our doctors were closed I rang NHS Direct Wales for some advice and after speaking to a very helpful and friendly nurse I was advised to get in touch with the out of hours doctor.

After speaking to an out of hours doctor, with a little help from my mum who was more than happy to be my taxi, Bug was given a course of antibiotics to clear up an infection.

Thankfully after completing the course of antibiotics and having lots of snuggles with mummy Bug was well once again.

Even though Bug was not drastically ill, as his mummy I was worried about him especially as we were home without a car.  It is at times like these that I love and appreciate the fact that my mum is there for me and always willing to help us out.

I was also grateful for the helpful and friendly advice I had from the nurse I spoke to on the NHS Direct Wales helpline.  I think it is fantastic that this health advice and information service is available for people to use 24 hours a day, every day so that they can access advice and information about health services.  It is so useful that people can simply call 0845 46 47 to access health information on a wide range of conditions, treatments and local health services as well as get advice about what to do is they are feeling ill.  

The NHS Direct Wales website is also very useful with an A-Z encyclopaedia of health information and a search function allowing users to search for local NHS services such as dentists, pharmacies and support groups in their area.

NHS Direct Wales took a little worry out of the situation and knowing I could talk to a knowledgeable, medical professional  about my little Bug was very reassuring.

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