Wednesday 31 July 2013

Charcoal Challenge - challenge

A few days ago before the cooler weather and then the rain arrived whilst the sun was shining bright we had a family BBQ.  It was thanks to the #CharcoalChallenge  that we took the time out of our busy lives to get together and have fun in the sun whilst having a barbecue.  As I love barbecue’s I was delighted about being accepted to take part in the #CharcoalChallenge which entailed hosting a barbecue for under £50 and then writing a post about having an ultimate barbecue on a budget.

After a quick visit to the beach for splishy splashy fun in the sun Bug and I popped to the shops to stock up on food and drink for our family barbecue later that day.  We bought lots of fresh salad, a variety of meat, fresh bread rolls and drinks including some wine for our guests to enjoy (my mum and sister who do love to indulge with a glass or two of wine bought their own bottles too).  Thankfully we already had coals for the barbecue for a previous barbecue we had recently and as we did not have to buy barbecue coals we came just under budget.

Happily the sun was still shining bright in the blue sky when barbecue time arrived with our family barbecue get-together starting early evening.

Once Lee was back from work he set about lighting the barbecue.  Bug was fascinated with the shadow of the barbecue, amazed at the smoke’s shadow flickering on the ground.

Being the man of the house Lee took his barbecue duty seriously and would not let me lift a finger to help allowing me to relax and chat with family which was lovely.  The aromas coming from the barbecue was divine and as the meat cooked upon the barbecue the scents emanating from the barbecue set my belly grumbling with a desire for tasty barbecued food.

Whilst Lee was busy cooking the food on the barbecue, the family relaxed in the sun with my mum and sister starting on the wine as we chatted and enjoyed watching Bug play.

After racing around and playing to his heart’s content Bug settled down and enjoyed his daddy’s creation of a Cajun Salmon salad as a starter before munching on barbecued burgers and sausages.

We all enjoyed the eating al fresco in the sun, relishing the tasty barbecue food.

The wine was enjoyed by my family whilst I stuck to a refreshing, ice cold glass of diet coke.

Even though our bellies were full with yummy barbecue food we all managed a little sweet treat, with strawberry cheesecake and mouth-watering watermelon enjoyed.

With our appetites satisfied by delicious barbecue food we all chatted and relaxed in the lovely weather.  Wanting to keep the party going Bug insisted on changing into his swim suit to enjoy splishy splashing fun in his little paddling pool, showing off to his Aunty Boo as he slipped and glided down his slide making a big splash as he landed in the water.

We all had a lovely time and satisfying barbecue food was enjoyed by all.  It was great to catch up with the family and have some relaxing time together in the gorgeous sunny weather.

*  This is my entry to the Moneysupermarket Charcoal Challenge competition, I was provided with £50 to take part and have a barbecue.  By taking part I am entered into the competition where one lucky winner will get £250 to throw the ultimate barbecue *

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