Thursday 1 August 2013

Hot, hot, hot.....keeping cool thanks to fridge freezer technology.

Even though we have been enjoying the lovely weather of late I have welcomed the cooler weather that has arrived over the past few days.  Both Bug and I found the sweltering heat a tad unbearable.  In an attempt to cool down a little and find cooling relief to the oppressive heat we have been savouring cold drinks and icy-cold homemade ice lollies.

With our excessive consumption of cold drinks and ice lollies during the overbearing heatwave our fridge freezer has taken a hammering.  Our poor old fridge freezer has been working excessively hard keeping our drinks refreshingly cold and freezing our yummy homemade ice lollies for us to enjoy as an icy-cold refreshing treat.

I have been extremely grateful that our fridge freezer has not conked out on us with it being so old and struggling to keep up with our demand of cold and frozen food and drinks.  Our fridge freezer is years old, I have had it a number of years and was given it by a family friend who had it for a number of years before then, so it is surprising that it is still working.

Even though thankfully our fridge freezer is still working, I would not say that it is still going strong as it is definitely showing signs of wear and years of use.  Our little old fridge freezer is looking a little battered and tired especially as the freezer door falls off its hinges every time we open the freezer and has to delicately be put back on its hinges when shutting the freezer….luckily once the door is on again it stays in place and shuts completely to keep the freezer sealed and its contents frozen.

As I am paranoid that our fridge freezer is going to call it a day any day now and retire after serving us for years we are trying to be sensible and get a new fridge freezer before our current one stops working.  In the hope of replacing our fridge freezer before it does stop working we are saving up to buy a new one so that we can finally lay our old fridge freezer to rest and have a shiny new one in its place.

Whilst doing some virtual window shopping for a shiny new fridge freezer I have fallen in love with a number of latest Panasonic fridge freezers on the market, admiring their stylish designs and amazing technology.  I particularly love the technology in the range of Panasonic fridge freezers that offer Hygiene Active natural anti-bacterial cleaning.  I also love that Panasonic fridge freezers offer the latest in food freshness technology, with Vitamin Safe compartments that offer variable temperature control helps keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer.  Another handy technology incorporated in a number of Panasonic fridge freezers is No Frost technology which ensures frost free low maintenance.

As well as worrying about the fridge freezer conking out on us another reason we would like to replace our fridge freezer is the fact that due to its age and heavy use it is not as economical to run as a newer fridge freezer.  We love the fact that Panasonic fridge freezers are exceptionally energy efficient; with a number of their fridge freezers offering superior eco performance thanks to their innovative Inverter technology which ensures energy is conserved as the technology allows the fridge freeze to automatically run on minimal power overnight and at times of low usage.

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