Thursday 1 August 2013

The doors that blogging has opened.

The enjoyment I have from my little blog since I started it around 2 years ago is immense.  This blog is my little virtual baby even though I may neglect her at times when life gets in the way I love my blog so much.  Having this blog is a great outlet, I can zone out of my worries when working and writing on my blog and even though I have not published a number of posts being able to write my thoughts and worries out with the intention of publishing them here has helped with my emotions and depressive tendencies.

Even though I have dabbled with photography before especially when I in the throes of my creative and arty phase it was not until I started this blog that my passion for photography was exploded.  When Bug was born I think the spark of a love affair with photography was ignited as I was obsessed with capturing Bug in photos and videos to be able to cherish the moments with him forever and then the blog enhanced my passion for photography as I was sharing some of my most precious photos on here.

I was overjoyed when I was nominated for the photography category for The Mads Awards 2013 and I have loved taking part in Project 365.  Recently I have neglected my photography but a lot of that is down to the hectic-ness of life lately that has had a number of dramas thrown in the path of our life to throw me off course and the fact that I only have the useless camera on my phone since our digital camera broke a few months ago.

I started this blog as a place to record moments in our life and as an outlet to keep me busy which I hoped would displace some of the baby brain fog clouding my mind making me a zombie mummy in the hope that my mind would start to function again.

A surprising benefit to this blog has been the interaction I have had with brands and PR companies.  Blogging has opened up doors to a World I had never experienced before and never imagined being a part of.  I never expected that I would develop relationships with brands and PR companies and work with them on my little blog.  Since starting my blog I have worked with some brilliant companies and have felt privileged to be chosen to do so.  I have loved being able to offer my readers some brilliant prizes provided by an array of companies in giveaways on my blog.

I feel honoured to have been developed friendly relationships with a number of companies and appreciate it when contacts take the time to develop a great relationship that benefits everyone concerned.  The companies and people I have worked with since I started blogging that stand out to me are the ones who have a personal approach and take the time to get to know us so that the offers they provide are relevant to us.

One company that I have had a really positive experience recently and developed a great working relationship with is Total Media who are an established media agency with over 30 years of experience in media buying and planning.  The friendly contact I have had with them as well as the accommodating kindness I have experienced from them makes working with Total Media a pleasure.  When they recently offered a review opportunity for one of their current clients’ products, Natural Balance Foods’ Nakd Bars, after I mentioned I was intrigued by the fact the bars are gluten free as a good friend has recently had to follow a gluten free diet due to health issues Total Media arranged that an additional selection box of Nakd Bars be sent so that my friend could try them too.  Both my friend and I were touched by their kindness and have enjoyed reviewing the Nakd Bars.  It is thanks to Total Media’s professional yet friendly attitude that I have loved working with them and hope to do so many times again in the future.

*  Sponsored post yet all words and opinions are my own *

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