Sunday 29 September 2013

Online habits.

After recently reading an article regarding a survey charting the nation’s online habits I got thinking about my own online habits.  I must admit I do spend too much time online and often get sucked into the World Wide Web, loosing hours in its realm and dabbling with a variety of social network sites.

My love affair with the wonderful www started a number of years ago and during the dark days of my depression that kept me housebound it was a lifeline that not only allowed me to keep in touch with loved ones but also enabled me meet friendly and supportive people with virtual friendships developing into lifelong friendships.  It was in fact thanks to the internet (and a close friend) that I met the love of my life which led to my little family.

As Lee’s family lives over 200 miles away Facebook has become an essential lifeline to us as a family to allow us to keep in touch with his family and update them on Bug’s adventures and milestones, allowing us to share lots and lots of pictures of Bug with them.

Lee’s family also keeps up to date on our family life and all things Bug related thanks to this little blog Where Roots And Wings Entwine.  Having this site adds to my internet usage, without my dear friend the World Wide Web this blog would simply be a book on the side of my bed that I would scrawl my thoughts into and stick in photographs.  I use the internet to research my posts, publish my posts and content, upload my photographs that I share, host the blog and share my posts via social media sites.

It is due to my blog that I jumped on the social media bandwagon and as well as using Facebook I started using social media sites such as Twitter, G+, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube.  Even though I only dabble with most social media sites and for the sake of my blog need to make better use of social media for sharing posts, I am a heavy user of Facebook for personal sharing and using Twitter for entering competitions.

My time spent online is not restricted to this blog and social media sites; I also use the internet and search engines such as Google to find recipes, arts and crafts ideas, child friendly activities, read other blogs and get tips and advice on all things children and parenting.  I also use the internet for online shopping, I am often browsing ebay for bargains and I love Amazon.

As I said I do spend a lot of time online and do think I need to limit my time as I am definitely part of the nation of night owls addicted to using the internet in bed as I often find myself instinctively checking emails, social media sites and writing blog posts in bed late into the night.

Whilst I am going to attempt to cut down my internet usage and cut ties with my smartphone and laptop, I am not going to completely abandon the World Wide Web so if you are a fellow internet addict and dabble with social media sites why not join me on these sites –

*  This is a PR related publication but all thoughts are my own *

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