Friday 13 September 2013

Rain, rain go away…..come again another day.

For the last few days all we have had is rain, rain and lots more rain.  Even though I don’t hate the rain it is starting to annoy me and get in the way of fun adventures with Bug plus it makes drying clothes outside impossible.

At the beginning of the week we managed to get outside for a little bit in between showers of rain and Bug had lots of fun riding on his bike making use of the big puddles left by the rain to zoom through.  As Bug loves racing around outside on his bike on Tuesday when we got caught in a shower of rain he zoomed off refusing to go back inside, ending up like a drowned little rat.  

Thankfully though it was only a small shower so Bug could play outside for a little while longer but predictably the rain didn’t stay away for that long though and we have been chased back inside by torrential rain before Bug ended up being more of a drowned rat than he already was.

On Wednesday I saw hope of having a dry few days.  Making the most of the dry weather Bug and I managed a little play at the park in town before we went shopping.  But alas the dry weather did not last and within a few hours the rain was hammering down once more.

With all the rainy weather and cold days we have been having of late I think it is time I get Bug a new puddlesuit and some winter clothes so we can play outside whatever the weather.


  1. It suddenly feels like winters on its way

    1. Its a bit of a shock to the system having such chilly weather all of a sudden.

  2. I'm kind of loving the rainy weather! I like getting soaked and then snuggling up inside with the hot chocolate :) Sounds like Bug loves it too!