Tuesday 12 November 2013

Dresses for daywear.

Dresses were once the staple items in a lady’s wardrobe. There were dresses for all occasions, and the idea of trousers on a woman was almost unthinkable. These days however the dress has taken a back seat, and trousers and jeans are more often the outfit of choice. Dresses are still worn frequently at special events, but are neglected for day-to-day casual wear. It’s time to change this. Dresses are comfortable, stylish, feminine, and can be worn in any season with a little adaptation, so what’s not to love? Try some of these tips to get dresses back into your casual daywear wardrobe.

Winter is coming, and that means even more people will be hanging up their dresses, waiting until next summer to retrieve them. This doesn’t have to be the case. Dresses look just as great with tights and boots as with bare legs and sandals, as long as you know how to accessorise. Thick black tights of 40 denier and above go with almost anything, and tights can even feel warmer than jeans on a cold day. If you are a little bolder, or you just feel the chill, then go one braver, and pair your dress with some knitted tights. These have been in vogue for the past few years and are showing no signs of going out of fashion anytime soon.

Most dresses can be styled up or down to work for different occasions. Choosing the right shoes and jewellery can transform your outfit from day to night and add a whole new aspect to it. If you are looking for a dress designed specifically for daywear, why not check out George's casual dresses online, great for weekends or relaxed work days. During the colder months you can easily warm your outfit up with the addition of a cardigan, and thick chunky knits are in again this season. Layer thick wool over a delicate tea dress or feminine print for a fantastic contrast and strong look.

You don’t need to follow any rules when it comes to dresses for casual wear. Lily Allen famously wore converse and trainers with floaty tea dresses, and this is a look that is still seen on the high street. Flats in general are a great way to make an outfit more casual and ballet shoes are another great addition to a day dress. Finish off the look with your favourite statement jewellery for a playful ensemble that will work on women of any age.

The temptation to reach for jeans and jumpers is all too great in the autumn breeze. You can however still keep snug and look fabulous by popping on a dress and adding some warm layers before braving the elements for spot of shopping or a weekend walk. Whether you go for a classically girly dress, or prefer a heavier fabric in a more basic cut, there is a dress for everyday for everyone. Accessorise it your way and make the look your own and you can wear your dress with confidence.  

*  Guest post courtesy of Asda *

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