Friday 31 January 2014

PS4 World of Gaming - PS4 Wish List.

I have always had a fondness for gaming and even though I am far from being a gaming maestro I still enjoy venturing into the gaming world for a quick blast and dabble on my favourite games.  My fondness for gaming started in childhood and I have fond memories of playing on my aunt’s Commodore 64, getting particularly frustrated with the Lemmings and of playing Sonic and the Lion King on a friend’s Sega Mega Drive.   Even though my earlier gaming experience sparked an enjoyment of gaming it was not until I got a Nintendo 64 one Christmas and I met Mr Donkey Kong that I truly enjoyed gaming.   

As the years have swept by and I have got older my fondness for gaming has remained and even though spare time to play has dwindled over the years when I get a chance to have a quick game I love to relive childhood memories and play with Donkey Kong on the Nintendo Wii.  Even though I love the Nintendo Wii for bringing Donkey Kong back into my life once again and for the Wii Fit the dominating console in our house is the PS3.

When I met Lee it soon became apparent that he loved games, enjoying gaming more than I do and being a gaming pro in comparison.  Even though Lee loves all games consoles he has devotedly loved the Playstation for years and his PS3 take pride of place next to the TV waiting for whenever Lee has an opportunity to play a game on it.  As much as Lee loves the PS3 with the launch of the PS4 his desire for a new console was sparked and along with it a PS4 wish list.

The PS4.
Unsurprisingly top of his wish list is a PS4 console. 

With the PS4 console he would get in the box 1 dualshock-4 wireless controller, 1 mono headset, AC power cord, HDMI and USB cable.  The PS4 itself has a built in Blu-ray disc drive and has 32 times more system memory than its predecessor the PS3.  Lee likes that the PS4 is slim and compact, measuring 275 x 53 x 305mm, and is impressed by the fact it features a state of the art graphics processor and that it is equipped with 8GB of GDDR5 RAM and a 500GB mechanical hard drive.

What Lee particular loves about the PS4 is that it is a next generation computer entertainment system that is designed by games for gamers, combining immense gameplay, powerful graphics and impressive speed with the Playstation Network to provide an expansive and impressive gaming system.  He also likes the fact that there is the facility to access the PS4 remotely; allowing you to manage your game downloads for example, using the Playstation app, which is available to download on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

PS4 Games.
Lee enjoys a vast variety of gaming genres and already has a wish list of PS4 games he would love to own when he get his hands on a PS4 console of his very own.  A few of his favourite games available for the PS4 which feature on his wish list are -

*  Call of Duty Ghosts
*  Assassins Creed IV Black Flag
*  Need for Speed Rivals
*  Battlefield 4
*  FIFA 14
*  Tomb Raider
*  Alien Isolation (awaiting release)

As Bug is following his daddy’s love of gaming and loves to watch daddy play Lego Marvel Super Heroes and Little Big Planet on the PS3, having a slight obsession about seeing his beloved Sackboy also on Lee’s PS4 wish list is Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

PS4 Accessories.
As well as the PS4 games that Lee would love also on his PS4 wish list are a number of PS4 accessories to complement his gaming.

*  PS4 Stand.
*  Sony PS4 Dual Shock Controller Charging Unit.
*  Playstation Plus 12 month membership.
*  PS4 Camera.
*  PS4 Thumb Grips (he is very curious to try these and see how they withstand a gaming marathon).
*  PS4 headset.

There may not be many accessory options on the market for the new generation of consoles in particular headset options but Lee is already hankering after a number of PS4 headsets from Gioteck.  With over 10 years of knowledge and experience in gaming peripherals and accessories Gioteck offer gamers the latest and most innovative gaming accessories to help improve gaming.

Even though the PS4 comes with a mono headset Lee loves the design of the Gioteck headsets and appreciates their features which allow gamers to engage in chat with their online friends, helping enhance their gaming experience.  An advantage of the headsets is that they can help reduce ambient noise which Lee loves as it helps him delve into the gaming World as he gets engrossed in his games.  Even though I enjoy gaming myself and appreciate Lee’s love of gaming, having no issues with him being enthralled in his games, when I am not enjoying watching him play it is nice not to be able to hear the games which is where the headsets come in as they can make the home quieter for the other people that live there.

Fingers crossed and here’s hoping the PS4 will be taking pride of place in our home in the not too distant future as Lee is not the only one who is excited about putting the PS4 through its paces and entering the PS4 World of gaming.

*Sponsored post however all words and opinions are my own *

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