Saturday 12 April 2014

Heroes of the City review.

Bug is a huge fan of the emergency services; he gets all excited when he sees policemen, policewomen and police cars whizzing by, he loves seeing ambulances and is mad about fire engines.  As Bug is crazy about the emergency services he loves children’s TV shows such as Finley the Fire Engine and City of Friends as well as shows about doctors and helping others such as the CBeebies show Get Well Soon with Dr Ranj Singh and Disney’s Doc McStuffins.

As Bug loves the emergency services when I heard about a new children’s TV show about cartoon rescue vehicles I could not wait to show Bug.  Not only did the show sound perfect for emergency services mad Bug thanks to the rescue services theme but as he is also mad about vehicles and all forms of transport the fact that the characters are cartoon vehicles I thought the show would also appeal to his love of vehicles.

Ruta Ett DVD AB’s new children’s TV show Heroes of the City is a television cartoon show aimed at children 3-6 years of age.  The show’s star characters are rescue vehicles in a small town where everybody gets to be a hero with the show emphasising friendship, warmth and highlighting what can be accomplished by helping each other.  Heroes of the City follows the adventures of rescue vehicles Pauli Police Car and Fiona Fire Engine plus their friends in the town including Calamity Crow, the most unlucky bird in town.

To introduce Bug to the show Ruta Ett DVD AB sent Bug a bundle of Heroes of the City goodies; a DVD, book and 2 Die Cast characters from the show.

Heroes of the City DVD.
The DVD contains 5 episodes from the lovely show and Bug loves watching it and getting to know the characters.  Being mad about the emergency services the characters he especially loves is Pauli Police Car and Fiona Fire Engine.  Bug also has a soft spot for Calamity Crow who he thinks is very funny and he loves the flames on Harry Hot Rod.

Bug loves the show and is entertained watching the loveable characters help each other and deal with emergencies.  I like that from watching a show he enjoys that has colourful characters he loves that Bug is benefitting from the lessons of friendship, cooperation and helpfulness that is being highlighted in the show.

Heroes of the City Storybook – The Hot Air Balloon.
The Hot Air Balloon Storybook is an A4 size softback cover book with glossy quality pages.  The story is fully illustrated with modern computer generated high quality pictures that are bold, eye-catching and colourful.  The Hot Air Balloon is a sweet story that features Calamity Crow finding himself in trouble, after being too curious and suffering from a dose of bad luck he ends up dangling helplessly upside down under a steadily rising hot air balloon but thankfully the Heroes of the City help to save him.

Bug enjoys snuggling up with me listening to the story and looking at the colourful pictures.  He especially loves the story because it stars Calamity Crow whose silly antics are amusing in spite of being dangerous.  As well as appreciating the book for the colourful illustrations that are appealing to children I also like the book because like the show it highlights friendliness, cooperation and helping each other out. 

Heroes of the City Toys - Die Cast Characters.
Bug was sent two Heroes of the City toys, die cast vehicles of two characters from the show Hot Rod Harry and Tilly Train.  The die cast characters are well made vehicles that thanks to being made out of metal rather than plastic are sturdy and durable. 

Bug loves playing with Hot Rod Harry and Tilly Train, imagining that they are helping his other toys and cars just like they would in the show.  As the car and train are small they have come on many adventures with us when we go out and out, visiting the park and the shops on a regular basis.

Both Hot Rod Harry and Tilly Train are well loved by Bug and have become firm favourites when he is playing with his cars, trains and planes the only downside to him loving them so much is that he now wants all the characters especially Pauli Police Car and Fiona Fire Engine.

As well as The Hot Air Balloon Storybook Rutt Et DVD AB also make Heroes of the City Puzzle Books and Colouring Books. 

There is also two Heroes of the City apps; a Book App and a Movie App both of which are available through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.  The apps are filled with games, stories and movies that are fun for little fans of Heroes of the City.  There are also lots of activities, wallpapers and colouring pages that you can download and print on the Heroes of the City website.

We love Heroes of the City and cannot wait to watch more adventures and see what the characters get up to as the showcase the lovely message that everyone can be a hero and that friendship, helping each other and working together is important.

*  We were kindly sent a bundle of Heroes of the City goodies from Rutt Et DVD AB to review but all opinions and views expressed in the review are my own and those of my chief tester Mister Bug *

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