Friday 11 April 2014

Laser Hair Removal with Sk:n

As I have previously mentioned I suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and along with many other symptoms, one symptom of the syndrome that I have and hate is the dreaded excess hair that I suffer with.  For years now thanks to my PCOS I have had to contend with excess hair covering my body and face, leaving me with a daily battle to keep the hair at bay so that I do not get mistaken for a werewolf.

In the course of my battle with excess hair I have tried the usual hair removal tricks of shaving, plucking, bleaching, using hair removal creams, waxing and even a course or two of electrolysis but alas the dream of being free from excess hair forever has eluded me. 

As I dream of being free from excess hair especially on my face I have always wanted to have laser hair removal treatment.  I have wanted to have Laser hair removal for years now as it is considered to be the most effective, highest quality way to safely removed unwanted hair especially from visible and sensitive areas such as the face.

Laser hair removal is a safe, virtually painless method of removing unwanted hair which works by focusing a laser beam at hair follicles so that the laser’s thermal energy damages the base of the hair follicle which halts hair growth.  Laser energy is attracted to the dark pigment in hair called melanin and as it needs melanin in the hair to be effective the treatment does not work on blonde, white or grey hair but it does work on most skin tones.

For the laser hair removal treatment to be effective the hairs need to be in the active growing phase.  Also to get great results and slow down hair growth until the hair is permanently removed it is important to have laser hair removal treatment on a regular basis, having treatment every 4 weeks for facial hair and every 6 weeks for body hair, for a recommended minimum of 6 treatments.

The only thing that has stopped me from having laser hair removal treatment is the cost and finding a reputable clinic.  Recently I have found a clinic that has made me think that the dream of having laser hair removal treatment one day is no longer an unachievable dream and that hopefully in the future I can have it and never have to worry about excess hair again.  Sk:n clinics offer affordable expert non-surgical treatments, including beauty and cosmetic treatments, laser hair removal, acne scar removal, mole removal and laser tattoo removal, in their clinics across the UK.

Why I want Laser hair removal treatment with Sk:n.
From what I have learnt having laser hair removal treatment with Sk:n is a straight forward and professional process.   

I love the fact that Sk:n clinics offer free, no obligation consultations where potential clients are given advice with recommendations and treatments being explained in easy to understand, simple terms by a qualified practitioner.  I also feel reassured that during Sk:n’s comprehensive consultation a qualified practitioner performs a test patch to see how well you would respond to the treatment. 

An appealing bonus of visiting Sk:n is that a free professional skin scan is offered where a qualified practitioner analyses your skin’s general health before making recommendations on how to maintain or improve your skin’s health.

I especially like the fact that once you decide to have laser hair removal treatment at a Sk:n clinic when you visit the clinic on a regular basis for the treatment it is carried about by a qualified, professional practitioner who works to strict medical standards.  I also like the fact that throughout the treatment you can liaise with your specialist practitioner at any time as they are available to discuss your treatment through every step of your treatment journey to beautiful, hair free skin. 

Another thing that reassures me that Sk:n provide a professional service is that they review your treatment after the 4th session.  I also appreciate the fact that Sk:n clinics are trusted by the NHS and have the highest training standards in the industry.

Whilst the qualified, professional service that Sk:n offers will be the deciding factor on me visiting them for laser hair removal treatment when I have saved my pennies the thank you gift of vouchers and products when treatment has ended  is a great bonus. 

Another bonus for me is that thanks to Sk:n’s reasonable prices starting at just £39 laser hair removal is affordable.

Sk:n’s website is a wealth of information about the treatments that they offer and they also have some great articles on the Sk:n blog.

Have you ever had laser hair removal?  If so, what was your experience like?  I would love to know as I hope that one day very soon I will be having laser hair removal treatment myself and hopefully my dream of being hair free will become reality.

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