Thursday 17 April 2014

Why I want to win a Samsung Galaxy S5 with Virgin Media.

Today when my phone decided to give up the ghost and completely die on me it felt like fate when I just noticed a fab competition to win a Samsung Galaxy S5 with Virgin Media and I just had to quickly take part in the hope of winning a new phone.

I would love to win this competition and win the fantastic prize so that I have a shiny new phone to replace the well-used and abused phone that has decided enough is enough and has gone into retirement. 

I have had my current phone for nearly two years now and it was my first and so far only smartphone.  A little over three months after I had got the new phone Bug accidentally knocked it on the floor and the screen cracked, thankfully as I did not have any insurance on it (alas because I could not afford the extra cost to pay for the insurance when I got the phone) the phone still worked but for nearly two years I have used my phone with a cracked screen, looking at the screen through a myriad of tiny cracks.  Having an ethos of making do, not throwing something that works away to get a replacement and not spending money on myself when it is not necessary I kept the phone and used it regardless of how battered and bruised it was looking.

Up until a few weeks ago in spite of the cracked screen the phone worked well, satisfying my needs of phoning, texting and keeping in touch with my social media accounts and email with my own gripe with the phone being its rubbish camera.  But then a few weeks ago it started having little temper tantrums and it would not unlock, leaving me with a battle to use the phone and often having to resort to pranking myself with the house phone just to get it to wake up.  Also thanks to the phone’s old age, old in comparison to the high-tech, flashy phones that have come and gone in the time I have had my little phone, the battery started to get tired with the charge lasting less and less.  With the battery struggling to last very long I have found myself having to charge the phone more and more but then a new problem arose with the phone refusing to charge properly, never leaving the phone fully charged regardless of how long it was left plugged in.

Today my phone said enough is enough, when I woke this morning it point blankly refused to turn on leaving me afloat from my smartphone and disconnected to the world of social media when out and about and away from my laptop.

Whilst the novelty of being disconnected from my phone and social media is refreshing I miss not having a phone and that is why I would like to win the market leading and stunning Samsung Galaxy S5.  Winning this phone would be fantastic especially as I cannot afford to replace my phone at the moment and when I do I will only be able to afford to replace it with a basic phone….alas no smartphone for me again for a long while.

Winning this phone would mean everything to me especially as I miss having a reliable, now working, phone to keep in touch with my friends and family who since the house move do not live near me.  Also as I like to have a phone to hand just in case of emergencies especially because of Bug and for when I am out or Lee is not home having a new, reliable phone would be amazing.

*  I am writing this post as my entry into the competition to Win a Samsung Galaxy S5 with Virgin Media *

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