Thursday 17 April 2014

Let's Grow Wild! #GrowWild

I have always loved spending my time outdoors in nature and since having Bug my love of being outdoors has been rekindled thanks to the many moments we have had together exploring and playing outdoors.  We love the great outdoors and love nothing more than enjoying time together as a family having fun outdoors come rain or shine, relishing in the wonder of Mother Nature. 

I have many fond memories of our time spent together in the great outdoors such as the time we had a rainy day adventure at the beach where we were the only ones mad enough to brave the beach in the rain, the bank holiday when Bug was a muddy mess as he played in the mud during a lovely walk in the countryside and when Bug loved getting green fingered and having fun getting into a mucky mess as he took part in a Kids Grow Wild challenge.

Whilst I love being outdoors regardless of the weather or time of year, and appreciate all of the seasons and all types of weather for their own unique, special reasons there is something enchanting about spring and summer when flowers are emerging and blossoming into beautiful blooms.  I love walking in the countryside, appreciating the wildlife and admiring wild flowers that attract insects, beautiful buzzing bumble bee’s collecting pollen and fluttering butterflies.

Now that we have moved from a small rural village in the countryside to being in the centre of a busy town one of the things I miss the most is the open countryside on my doorstep with only green fields in view for miles and wild flowers flourishing all around.  As I miss nature and flowers I am on a mission to transform the small, unloved garden that our new home has into a nature haven for Bug and I to enjoy, turning it from a neglected space that can only loosely be referred to as a garden at the moment into a little nature cocoon from the town streets with flowers galore in the hope of creating a space that is reminiscence of the countryside we loved and played in.

As I love the great outdoors, nature, wildlife and flowers I champion getting out in nature and having adventures, and support campaigns that aim to care and protect nature as well as campaigns that encourage people to appreciate and look after nature.

Funded by the Big Lottery Fun and led by the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, Grow Wild UK is a four-year campaign that aims to bring flowers to the people with the campaign bringing people together to sow UK native wild flowers in an aim to preserve wild flowers and in turn protect the delicate ecosystem and wondrous habitats of birds, butterflies, bees, bugs, insects and creatures who rely on wild flowers.    By supporting and encouraging the continued existence of wild flowers Grow Wild hope that wildlife-friendly wild flowers can be grown and loved in the concrete world of towns and cities, preventing the destruction of nature and habitats, bringing colour and nature into urban spaces.

Grow Wild believe that with their “Let’s Grow Wild” campaign they can help and encourage people to transform unloved urban spaces in the UK and bring colour and nature to their streets, turning gardens, windowsills and unloved community spaces into loved spaces flourishing with wildlife-friendly wild flowers.

To celebrate the launch of the “Let Grow Wild” campaign Grow Wild hosted an exclusive rooftop concert in London on the 6th of April 2014 where a handful of fans were treated to a very special performance by Neon Jungle.  As well as experiencing the special Neon Jungle gig, the lucky youngsters also learnt how to transform and introduce wildlife-friendly wild flowers to unloved urban spaces in the UK.

Spreading the word about transforming unloved spaces in the UK with wildlife-friendly wild flowers that will support the delicate ecosystems in our wildlife Grow Wild will be joining forces with local communities to create four inspirational Grow Wild sites, one each in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, for people and wildlife to benefit from and enjoy now as well as being for future generations.

Also over the next few years Grow Wild will be encouraging people to grow wild flowers and asking communities to come together and sow UK native wild flowers across the UK, brightening our streets and transforming unloved spaces that people can enjoy and wildlife can flourish in.

To join the Grow Wild revolution and keep abreast of the ‘Let’s Grow Wild’ news sign up to the Grow Wild newsletter and keep in touch with them on their social media accounts.

Let’s preserve our wild flowers and our wildlife!

Let’s grow wild!

*  Video brought to you by Grow Wild *

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