Wednesday 25 June 2014

My dream garden for the ultimate garden party.

As I love being outdoors when we moved I was pleased that our new home had a garden where Bug and I can play outdoors, grow plants and admire flowers blooming and where we can have little garden parties with friends and family.  Unfortunately our garden was neglected by the previous tenants so we have been giving our garden some much needed TLC in the hope of transforming it from a barren, unloved garden to a lovely haven with beautiful blooms and luscious grass with space for Bug to play and enjoy outdoors toys as well as a space where we can sit and entertain friends and family.

Sprucing up our garden has sparked thoughts about how I would love my garden to look like and what garden items I would love to have in our little slice of outdoors heaven.  Imagining my dream garden has ignited thoughts about how we will enjoy said dream garden, in particular how we will enjoy partying in the sunshine, enjoying the company of our dearest friends and family at our summer garden parties.

Starting from scratch, with no garden items, limited plants, no garden furniture and only a handful of small outdoor toys, our garden is the perfect canvas to work on so we can create our dream family garden, a garden that we will enjoy as a family and where we will hold fun summer garden parties.  Unfortunately thanks to a lack of funds our dream garden is a slow work in progress and it may well take us a long time to get everything that we want to make our dream garden a reality and make it the perfect garden for hosting ultimate garden parties but that does not stop me from dreaming……

BI-Folding Doors
As I love the outdoors, I would love to have Bi-Folding Doors that will bring elements of the outdoors into our home and create an open airy space indoors whilst seamlessly bringing the indoors and outdoors together in unison.  Another bonus of having Bi-Folding Doors is that the huge, foldable doors will open up the house so that I can keep an eye on Bug and see him enjoying himself when he is playing outdoors with his friends and I have to pop into the house (most probably to stock up on snacks and drinks for the busy little kids).

Not only will having Bi-Folding Doors connect my dream garden to our home it will also be a stunning element to our home that would bring the WOW factor to any garden party.  Having huge open doors will allow party-goers to socialises indoors and outdoors with easy, make it easier to move food and drinks outdoors and provide stunning views of our garden and fun garden party to the guests who are relaxing in the comfort of our living room overlooking the garden.  A big bonus of having Bi-Folding Doors for garden parties is that the guests who decide to sit inside to escape the sun for a while will still feel like they are part of the party.

Being fans of having BBQ’s and garden parties with our family and friends our dream garden would not be complete without a top of the range BBQ so that my man can get his barbecue on and grill us some tasty barbecued food to enjoy along with fresh salad before indulging in some yummy desserts.

Garden Furniture
As we are starting from scratching with our garden we have no garden furniture at all, so top of the dream garden products wish list is some lovely garden furniture.  I would love to get a wooden garden furniture set with a big parasol that will be used over the years by our little family as well as being used by friends and family when we have them over for garden parties and fun in the sun. 

I would also love to have a swinging bench so that we can sit and relax on in the midst of our beautiful garden. Another dream piece of garden furniture would be a Hammock Giant that would be a quirky and stylish addition to our garden and perfect for relaxing on.

As we have Bug and hope to have more children in the future another item of garden furniture I would to have is a children’s wooden garden furniture set of a little table, chairs and a wooden bench for my little gardener to relax on after helping me tend to the garden.  I would also love a wooden playhouse for him and his little friends to play in whilst enjoying the lovely summer days.

Patio Heater/Fire Pit
As I love spending time outdoors of an evening and our garden parties inevitably carry on until the evening I would love to have a patio heater or fire pit to add a touch of warmth and ambience to the night.

Garden Toys
As Bug is the centre of my world I want to make the garden Bug friendly with lots of outdoor toys he and his little friends (and hopefully in the future little brothers or sisters) can enjoy. 

Bug loves to bounce so top of the list would be a trampoline, and for our dream garden it would be a big trampoline that the big kids at our garden parties can have fun on it too.

I would also love to have a wooden climbing frame with a slide for Bug to play on with his little friends when having his own little garden parties with his mates.

As Bug is a little water baby and has enjoyed many a day splashing in his little paddling pool I would love to upgrade his paddling pool and get a big pool that he can lots of splishy splashy fun in.

Now all I need is to find a money tree at the bottom of the garden so that my dream garden for the ultimate garden party can become a reality and we can have lots of summer garden parties in beautiful surroundings.

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